Exclusive Interview of Ashraf Deradia from Pink Chiffon with Fashion Central

Ashraf Daredia is a USA based designer who began her career in 2009 with a successful fashion launch in collaboration with Silk Thread in Dallas. After numerous showcases in Houston,Dallas,San Antonio,Seattle and Delhi she has moved to Karachi and is now making her fashion week debut at KFW 2013 with the label " PINK CHIFFON"

Her design philosophy is simple,clean and symbolises elegance and luxury. Her Fashion week collection is aptly titled "Pristine" and comes in hues of whites and cremes and defines femininity and luxury.

With cascading silks and chiffons this breathtakingly stunning collection is sure to dazzle everyone with its elegance and simplicity. 

Q1: Tell us about your initial journey?

I was residing in Dallas, TX and managing my own business. I’d make frequent trips to Pakistan to visit family and always went back with suitcases full of new finds! I was always credited for my sense of style and forayed into fashion as a hobby. In 2009, I had a sold out show with Silk Threads and soon after I decided to shift bases and make my passion my full time profession.

I was initially introduced officially into the Pakistani market via Karachi Fashion Week in 2013 as Pink Chiffon by Ash. Thereafter, I started stocking my clothes in Dallas, Houston, LA, Arizona, Seattle, Delhi & Dubai. In October of that year, I launced my own multibrand store in Lahore called Fashion Central and will soon be stocking in Karachi at Brands Just Pret. I am extremely excited for the launch on March 8!

Q2: How would you define the word FASHION?

Fashion is an expression of self thru sense of style.

Q3: What lead you to become a Fashion Designer?

With Pakistani fashion emerging on a global level and it not having been easily available in the states some years ago, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to step in and meet that need to cater to the fashion conscious buyer.

Q4: What sets your collection apart from other designer collection?

I don’t think any two designer collections are the same, Pink Chiffon by Ash stands on its own.

Q5: What are you most comfortable designing? Prêt, formal or bridal

Pret& Formal.

Q6: Tell us about your design philosophy and creativity?

Elegant and Understated.

Q7: What does easy chic means to you?

Elegant and Classy.

Q8: What is the price range for the collection? Is it affordable to a niche class only?

Price Range caters to a diverse clientele with pieces ranging from 7,000 to 30,000PKR.

Q9: Are you daring when it comes to color schemes or do you play it safe?

I wouldn’t say I am daring or safe; I like to believe I can strike that balance.

Q10: What does couture means to you? When will couture come to mean more than just bridal in Pakistan?

Pakistani Fashion is more than just bridal now. When you look at resort collections that are gaining so much popularity and momentum in Pakistan and globally, it’s indicative of how far couture really has come. It has set a foundation for itself among the world of global players.

Q11: How supportive has your family been through your initial years?

I honestly could not have done it without my family. My husband, children, parents and siblings have all contributed their fair share to my materializing my ambitions.

Q12:Do you design with any particular women in mind?

I design for the modern Pakistani woman, she’s conservative, classy & trendy without being over the top.

Q13: Who are you inspirations?

I am inspired by the entire Pakistani fashion fraternity at large. We are literally making global waves! It’s nice to be renown in the media for something other than turmoil.

Q14: From where do you get inspiration for the style & designing?

The diverse and versatile women in my family. My classy mother, my Pakistani American sister, my fashionistabhabhis!

Q17: What are the essential aspects of building a Fashion brand?

In Pakistani society, networking!

Q18: How do you deal with criticism when you find your self at the receiving end?

You have to take it with a grain of salt. Not everyone is going to appreciate your product, but then again, there are designers to cater to every taste so I don’t take it to hard on myself!

Q19: How competitive is the Fashion market today?

I would say extremely as it has become so saturated! There are multiple designers that play with a varied style of aesthetics. The varieties and options are endless. I love my brand but I also admire my colleagues for what they can provide.

Ashraf Daredia is a USA based designer who began her career in 2009 with a successful fashion launch in collaboration with Silk Thread in Dallas.

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