Aliza Sultan’s Recent Divorce Statements: Feroze Khan’s Sister Dua Teases Her

Dua Malik is a Pakistani singer, songwriter, host, and composer. She hosted Sur Saath Savera on Express Entertainment in Pakistan. Malik has sung title songs of many Pakistani serials such as Ishq Mein Teray, Ranjhna, and Ik Pagal Si Larki.

Dua Malik supports her brother Feroze Khan frequently because she cares for him. She stood by her brother’s side throughout the recent scandal surrounding Feroze Khan. She was criticized for standing up for her brother as well.

Dua Malik has just spoken on behalf of her brother once more. In reality, she responded to Syeda Aliza Sultan regarding her recent comments about being a single parent and planning to marry in the future. Well, Syeda Aliza Sultan answered all of the specific queries from the audience during a Q&A session. She answered the questions from the followers regarding her life after divorce satisfactorily. In a recent Instagram post and on her Instagram story, Dua Malik made fun of Syeda Aliza Sultan.

dua malik
(Photo Credit: Dua Malik/@Instagram)

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