Divorce final between Humaira Arshad and Ahmed Butt

Ahmed Butt an actor by profession and Humaira Arshed a singer with a melodious voice tied the knot over a decade back. Somehow the relationship remained under stress to an extent that the couple have publicly accused each other of fraud among other things.

They have a son and though Ahmed holds custody of the son, Humaira Arshed intends to opt for legal proceedings and take care of the son herself.

Ahmad Butt tortured me in front of people, snatched my money, and kidnapped my child and as a result I had no other choice but to make marriage a public affair,” she said. Humaira also stated that there is every likelihood of the marriage coming to an end.

And Humaira said that she took the initiative of holding a press conference to counter a press conference arranged and addressed by Ahmed. The shocking and unjust aspect of the press conference was that accused her of heinous crimes.

I never want to come out in public, particularly over a minor family dispute, but my husband accused me of property fraud and threatened my life. That made me step up,” the famed singer told media.

Talking about the financial aspects of her family life she disclosed that Ahmed failed to contribute to the household kitty and the entire day to day expenditure was borne by her. So much so that Ahmed would often make demands for money. Humaira was saddened by the fact that the home related matters have been made public.

Pakistani singer Humaira Arshad and Ahmed Butt have finally decided to initiate divorce proceedings.

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