Dhoom 3

There are a great number of Indian movies that succeeded to make brilliant records on box office and did incredible business at their 1st day of their release. Dhoom 3 is the latest release of Bollywood which is ruling over cinemas all over the world.

The action thriller movie is produced by Aditya Chopra and the cast includes Amir Khan (Sahir/Samar Khan), Abhishek Bachan (A.C.P Jai Dixit), Katrina Kaif (Aliya), Uday Chopra (Ali Akbar), Jackie Shroof (Iqbal Haroon Khan-father of Samar/Sahir), Tabrett Bethell (Victoria), and Andrew Bicknell (Anderson). The story of the film is totally illogical but the film manages to do huge business due to previous series of Dhoom 3 i.e. Dhoom and Dhoom 2.

The film starts with Jackie Shroof as Iqbal Haroon Khan who runs a circus in Chicago back in 1990. The name of his Circus was The Great Indian Circus has been shut down by Western Bank of Chicago because Haroon did not pay back the loan which the bank has lent him.

At that time, Young Sahir pleaded Anderson not to close down his father’s circus at was the only source of income for them. But Anderson does not listen to them and ruined their only source. After this brutal act, Haroon commits suicide in front of the heartless man i.e. Anderson. Sahir then decided not to spare the bank and think of revenge. After years when Sahir grew up, he robbed off many branches of Western Bank Chicago just to console himself that he is taking revenge of his father’s death. Sahir was a good acrobat too and every time escapes from the spot after robbery by using his acrobatic circus skills.

Police of Chicago tries a lot to catch the thief but all in vain. At last the Police Officer Victoria admits her failure and calls A.C.P Jai Dixit and Ali Akbar to solve this particular case. Jai was shown as a clever officer and so he planned to trap Sahir giving him an opportunity to rob the bank off. Shair was clever too and he allowed Jai to follow him from the bank. Ali and Jai were following Sahir when he escaped after robbery and she manage to shoot him before disappearing.

Sahir then has a big premier of his father’s circus and show the tricks of disappearing with his female acrobat Aliya Khan. The show succeeded but right after show, police surrounded Sahir with Jai and Ali. Jai claims that there would be a gun shot on Sahir’s shoulder that will prove him the thief in no time. At this claim, Sahir has been examined for the wound but all were surprised to see that there was not a single cut on his shoulder.

It was then revealed that Sahir has a twin brother named Samar who helps him to do robbery in different branches of western bank. It was Samar who got bullet on the shoulder. After poor investigation Jai was fired from that case but he did not lose hope and eventually found that Samar and Sahir are twin brothers.

Sahir then compel Samar to stay inn but Samar at times went out for strolling and in that time Jai manages friendship with Samar. Finally both brothers were caught by Jai but Sahir took the whole blame at him because he wants Jai to spare Samar as he has fallen in love with Aliya. Jai agrees but all of a sudden Sahir jumped off the bridge and Samar hold his hand to stop him but eventually both of them jumped and died apparently.

Though the film was enjoyed by masses but at the same time, the acting of Amir Khan was not that much good as compare to his some previous block buster movies like three idiots. He has tried his best but the theme of the movie was totally illogical. Katrina was not seen doing some acting but only her two dances sequences. The acting of Abhishek and Uday Chopra was fabulous that can compel one to admire the movie.

Dhoom 3; sequel of Dhoom 2 directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya did great business on box office. It is Indian action thriller movie which is not based on any logic.

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