Devil’s Due

Devil’s Due is finally here. For all you thriller movie lovers, your wait is finally over. The movie got released on January 17th and has received a lot of appreciation from the viewer’s so far. It has a macabre aura to it and anyone who loves supernatural is sure to watch Devil’s due over and over again.

Devil’s due is directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillet. It is a writing venture of the very famous Lindsay Devlin. The actors Zach Gillford as Zac McCall, Allison Miller as Samantha McCall have done a wonderful job in their respective roles and the supporting cast has performed exceptionally well too.

The supporting cast includes Sam Anderson as Father Thomas, Aimee Carrero as Emily and Micheal Papajohn as the police officer. Coming over to the plot and story of Devil’s due, it is a very interesting yet simple thriller. It basically revolves around a couple who recently gets married and decides to spend their honeymoon away from home at Dominican Republic. Over there, they meet a mysterious man who happens to be a fortune teller. The man keeps on repeating one sentence over and over again to the couple. For the sentence, you guys really got to watch Devil’s due yourself.

The fortune teller however, is not the only mysterious guy the couple gets to meet on their honeymoon as there is a very strange cab driver who insists on taking the two to a pub. In the pub, the couple gets too drunk and the next morning they hardly remember a thing of the previous night. On their return back home, the couple finds out that the wife is pregnant.

This is the turning point of Devil’s due as the wife is surprised when she finds out about the baby claiming she had been taking birth control medicines on a regular basis. However they spread the news of her pregnancy quite happily. The mother’s pregnancy turn out to be quite a weird and bad period for the couple as the wife gets really sick with nosebleeds and bruises on her stomach.

Also, there are some strange people who often peek into their house. They visit the doctor to get the wife checked but find out that the baby is perfectly fine ad healthy. In devil’s due, the husband is still unsure and says to her wife that there is something wrong with the baby.

A turning point comes again in Devil’s due when the priest who made Zac and Sam wed dies on a service at a church which the couple was attending to. The end of Devil’s due is quite supernatural in nature when the wife tries to slit her tummy open and kill the baby and does that too.

The husband gets arrested for the death of his wife; the end of Devil’s due is surely open ended as one is left with mouth opened. For that, get a grab on Devil’s due as soon as you can and enjoy it with a friend or family member.

If thriller is what you want from Hollywood this time, Devil’s due is the movie to watch. The end is surely going to leave you in shock and the open ended nature is the best part of Devil’s due. We are not giving out any more details so that those of you who still have not watched this super exciting thriller, do not get your fun and suspense spoiled.

There are however some negative responses from the viewers and critics too claiming that Devil’s due has been copied from different other movies so there is nothing new and special about it. So, decide for yourself after you have watch Devil’s Due whether it was an all-new experience or just like any other Hollywood thriller.

A latest movie released in January, totally much awaited by the audiences. If you still have not watched this action packed thriller, you really need to give it a watch.

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