Deepika Padukone slammed for allegedly overshadowing Alia Bhatt at Met Gala Debut

Deepika Padukone was slammed for allegedly exuding insecurity and jealousy against Alia Bhatt. The backlash started after the ‘Piku’ star posted her backstage images of attending the Oscar Awards.

Her post coincided with the first-ever appearance of Alia Bhatt at the highly-celebrated Met Gala. Social media users criticized her for posting for the Oscars just before Bhatt’s Met Gala appearance. They believe the actress is ‘insecure’ as she is not attending Met Gala 2023 this year and wants to keep the limelight to herself.

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One Twitter user wrote, “Deepika Padukone is so obsessed with Alia. For two days she is trying hard to stay in the limelight.” Another wrote, “Posting this on the day of Alia’s big Met Gala debut was suspicious for real. Also, it’s not the first time Deepika has done such a thing.”

Another user while commenting on her post on Instagram said, “This woman is so insecure,” wrote yet another user. “I have never seen someone be this insecure. Today is the Met Gala and looks like she isn’t attending. Alia and Priyanka will be attending. She wants people to not forget her. Of all the days she is posting this today. How can one woman be this pathetic?”

Sharing the pictures, Deepika Padukone said, “And the rest is history.” A fan came to her support and asked people not to call her ‘jealous’ and ‘insecure’. “Why are people saying that she is insecure? I mean wasn’t she the first Indian freakin judge of Cannes 2022? She is the face of LV, Pottery Barn, etc etc. She has been invited to places that not even a single Indian has even dreamt of seeing. May it be unveiling the FIFA Cup, or presenting the Oscars. There is nothing for her to be unsecured about. For God’s sake just let her live her moments,” said the Instagram user.

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