Deepak Perwani Discusses the D – Philosophy with Fashion Central

What is the motive behind D philosophy?

The D philosophy labels emerge from the art and craft of Pakistan the motive behind is to take something Pakistani and make it modern and adaptable to the global market.

What does distinguish D philosophy from others?

The color palette is always very bright, the use of dastrkhawan and other elements like block print screen print etc. while d philosophy leads in the funky prêt market others follow.

What is your style statement?

Its always out of the box, funky and in your face fun.

What are the expansion plans?

For that you have to wait and we have our dolmen store coming up next month

How Pakistani fashion industry is evolving?

Its evolved leaps and bounds in the last 5 years , the plethora of fashion weeks is a great example of where its going .

One thing you can’t stand with?

Plagiarism .one of the biggest problems in Pakistan as far as fashion goes.

What has led you to become fashion designer?

My love for clothes for fashion for anything new

How do you balance between traditional aspects and modern cuts?

I have always been a modernist so my designs are more diffusion then ethnic purely, I like the infusing of the east and the west .

One person you would love to dress?

Madonna and Monica Belluci

How do you deal with criticism?

Pretty well actually I get criticized all the time.

Who is your favorite Pakistani designer?

Many, Iman of Body Focus, Rizwan Beyg, Maheen Khan, Zaheer Abbas, Sana Safinaz  and many others .

Who is your favorite international designer?

Again many, Issey Miyake, Valentine, Azzedine Alaia and Karl Lager Field.

Who is the ideal D philosophy woman?

The one likes to experiment, she is joyous and happy

What is the pre-requisite to design?

You must understand the fabric that you will make it in

What are your favorite colors?

The color purple and red

Celebrities you would like to wear your label?

Hmm Angelina Jolie and Priyanka Chopra.

How fashion weeks are helping fashion industry of Pakistan?

They are creating the business of fashion and not just entertainment, also a certain level of tolerance for women in the country.

Which country inspires you?

London and Paris

What are the most repetitive labels in your own closet?

I don’t actually I buy what I like

What do you do to overcome stress?

I work out, read a book and yes I don’t talk about fashion after 9 pm .

One thing people don’t know about Deepak Perwani?

Is that one thing they don’t need to know! One day I will direct a film.

What did you want to be in your childhood?

I wanted to be an actor


Fashion Designer Deepak Perwani Discusses the D - Philosophy in an exclusive interview.

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