Danyal Farouk CEO of E-lite Home Appliances Talks To Fashion Central

Danyal Farouk is yet another name who believes in the growth of Pakistan, His aim to give the best to his country, after the good researches and searches he decided to bring e-lite a better home solution to make your feel home like a HOME

Q1: What do you mean By E-lite?

E-lite is a fast growing family in which our primary goal is not to make a sale but to make a repeat customer. We are getting Innovation in high quality products, which are not easily available in the market.

Q2: Is it’s an international chain?

Yes it’s an international chain as we stared from Dubai and now we are in Pakistan.

Q3: What is it all about?

We have two segments

Electronic Cigarettes

Home appliances

We believe everything is possible; an iron which doesn’t burn clothes to an electronic cigarette which helps you quit smoking. In short innovation, Innovation & More innovation

Q 4: Don’t you think home appliances and Cigarette are two different concepts?

Yes, the two segments are different but we don’t want to miss the opportunity a creating a new market where there are no barriers to innovation

Q 5: What do you mean by E- Cigarette?

I like to clear the concept of Cigarettes and E Cigarettes, The Electronic Cigarette is one of the most innovative devices which have been created in this modern generation as a better alternative for smoking the traditional type of cigarettes. This is usually because it provides more benefits compared to using the traditional tobacco cigarettes. it contains;

1. No Tobacco

2. Tar

3. Carbon monoxide

4. Thousands of other cancer causing substances which are available in a traditional cigarette

Q 6: Don’t you think it’s harmful?

I think a traditional cigarette is harmful. E-cigarette is the healthier alternative to the traditional cigarette. It uses a small replaceable refill with a small dose of nicotine mixed with water and flavored propylene glycol liquid, utilized and powered by a rechargeable battery. When the user inhales on the device, the air flow is detected by a pneumatic airflow sensor switch.

A microprocessor then activates an atomizer which injects tiny droplets of the liquid into the flowing air and vaporizes the liquid. When you use an e-cigarette the smoke produced is actually water vapor.

Q 7: There are many companies who are dealing in home appliances what make you different from them.

We are making products which customers need in this day and age which reduces Time, Effort & Money

1. Environmental Friendly

2. Extremely good After Sales Service

3. We are providing products which others seem to ignore (E.G Bladeless fan.. Safe For Children, Garment Steamer Safe for your Garments)

4. We don’t consider our sales complete until our customer is satisfied, we just don’t want to make a sale we want to make a customer.

5. Last but most important our customers get what they pay for, we are providing the highest quality products in reasonable prices

Q 8: Where people can find these products do you have any outlet?

Yes soon we are opening our own flag ship store at Ocean Mall, Karachi, and we are also stocking in all major stores of Pakistan.

Q 9: Can people place their order online?

Yes we have complete produce details on our website www.e-lite.com.pk and facebook page where people can easily place their order by dialing 021-34256415

Q 10: What is the manufacturing process?

The products are being manufactured with our standards and quality controls across the globe. Every inch of the product is carefully studied before launching a new product

Q 11: Any massage for our readers

Please help us improve by giving your valuable feedback on info@e-lite.com.pk

Danyal Farouk, the CEO of E-lite Home Appliances and Electronic Cigarettes talks about the importance of high quality products for our homes, in an exclusive interview with Fashion Central.

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