Coke Studio Season 8 Episode 5

Coke Studio released the 5th episode of Season 8 featuring ‘Hina Ki ‘Khushbu’ by Samra Khan & Asim Azhar, ‘Khalis Makhan’ by Bakshi Brothers, ‘Kinarey’ by Mekaal Hasan Band and ‘Rangeela’ by  Ali Azmat.

‘Hina Ki Khushbu’ emerges as an old school classic melody, which soon transforms into a new age mix of a lounge track in this duet. Originally sung by Noor Jehan, the tune serves to be a great intro for Samra Khan’s debut performance with her soulful voice. The house band fuel the emotions with Aahad’s unique rhythm corralling into Imran Akhoond’s ambient notes while Omran Shafique gracefully marks his presence with his muted guitars. Asim Azhar appears on the track with his signature high-energy vocals, slicing through words penned by him in this flamboyantly memorable single.

It’s only within the first few seconds of ‘Khalis Makhan’; the Bakshi Brothers comprising – Shahryar, Anjum, Aafi and Yawar – set a premise that flourishes amidst the mesmeric rendition of the folk tune. The song is built for the quartet, floating with ease through Babar Khanna’s rhythmic ‘ghara’, and the ambient sound of Sajid’s flute.

In an unabashedly nostalgic turn, the song soothes the senses as it builds up to Saeein Zahoor’s famed, ‘Peera Ho’, recreated by Khalid Anum in the 90s. As Arsalan Rabbani’s keen sensibility on the Harmonium serves as an envelope that holds the melody together, the track comes alive in this straightforward mellow territory.

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‘Kinarey’ is an audibly purposeful return of Mekaal Hasan Band’s second appearance iat Coke Studio’s Season 8. A distinctive and instantly memorable Mekaal Hasan riff, Sharmistha Chatterjee’s iconic vocal range shines through with Ahsan Papu’s looping flute. Sheldon D’Silva provides ample groove on the bass while Gino Banks’ classic jazz-rock rhythm on the drums carries the audience.

asim azhar photosIn sync with their roots, the band effortlessly swims through the ambient sound accompanied by the backing vocals, complemented by Sikandar Mufti’s delicacy on the chimes creating a low-toned soulful track with a signature MHB sound.

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Ali Azmat’s ‘Rangeela’ is packed with several layers of nostalgia – lyrics penned by Junoon-day companion Sabir Zafar, originally composed by Bilal Maqsood and armed with his distinct antics – the track is a testament to the old school pop/rock anthem of the bygone era. Omran Shafique with his blazing guitar strokes opens the track with Tanveer Tafu’s Mandolin filling the sound scape, as Ali Azmat sings his way into the song with a smoldering chorus. Aahad Nayani’s knocking drums add to the texture of this enchanting melody, making Ali Azmat’s third appearance on Coke Studio as rebellious as ever.

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Coke Studio releases 5th Episode of Season 8 featuring Hina Ki Khushbu, Khalis Makhan, Kinarey and Rangeela by Ali Azmat.

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