Chaiwala Breaks the Internet in Pakistan

In can be graded as a discovery. And the person responsible for this discovery of sorts is photographer Javeria Ali, this chaiwala and the city is Islamabad. Spotted at a tea stall in Islamabad’s Sunday Bazaar it has roped in girls who are ready for rishtas. Also in pursuit are talent management firms who are figuring out their next big star.

All the attention has even surprised the photographer Javeria. She just did not expect this. She stated that "I took the picture during a photowalk at Itwar Bazaar of the capital city and put it up as a regular post on Instagram and it didn’t go viral until four or five days later."

Interestingly Javeria is a photographer who is operating the photography business under the banner Jiah’s Photography. She shared that some enterprising person grasped the potential of the photograph which she did not.

"Someone stole the picture from my Instagram since it had no watermark. This person claimed it to be hers. Later, a girl on Twitter (@albatrouz) posted it and it started trending. Afterwards, Facebook page Sheikhspere posted the tweet on their page. I found out then that it went viral.

"People started tagging me and my Facebook blew up. Then I had to run after all the pages to [have them] give [me] credit and tell them it was my image.

"And then [popular Indian Instagram account] India Pictures shared the photo and my insta went viral. Since yesterday, my phone and Facebook has been buzzing.

"Thanks to the girl who claimed it to be hers, [laughs] and the twitter account @albatrouz_." The most amazing and puzzling aspect of the situation is that little is known to Javeria about the chaiwala. However, Twitter is having a successful time with the discovery made by her.

discovery of Islamabad-based photographer Javeria Ali, this chaiwala spotted at a tea stall in Islamabad's Sunday Bazaar

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