Celebrity Feelings on Pakistani Cricket Team Performance

Pakistanis are crazy about cricket and have being waiting for this challenging game to begin since long. When it comes to Pakistani verses any other country emotions start dwelling and reactions comes out in a bloating way.

A lot of cafes, restaurants, parks and public spots are screening the matches and spectators’ are taking out time to see the real game. However, Pakistani celebrities are not so different and they hold same views. Many celebrities got together and watched the matches that have been played so far together.  Different reactions came from different celebrities.

Some of the celebrities think that Pakistani team has no chance now.  Mathira who was very enthusiastic about watching the matched but did not react very strongly, infact she appreciated the performance of the players who did well even when Pakistan lost at the hands of India.

Mathira, Amanat Ali and Ali Azmat along with many others watched the match together. Mawra Hocane also expressed her support for Pakistani Cricket Team and while on the other hand Dua Malik expressed how disappointed she is with Pakistan’s performance.

Here are shared feelings and comments of celebrities about Pakisani Cricket Team’s Performance



Cricket craze has not left the celebrities behind. Pakistani Celebrities expressed their views about National Cricket team match performance.

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