Battle of the Year

 The movie is a new 3D movie and has gained a mixed kind of response from the critics. Most of the critics responded with the negative kind of feedback. The movie revolves around the theme of the dancing competition. The characters are shown to be the non professional dancers who come around at the same place and same competition named battle of the year.

After that, the story is based upon the selection and the competition that is going between all the contestants. Another thing that might be noted over here include the storytelling is original but lacks depth. The cast includes Josh Holloway, Cris Brown, Laz Alonso, Josh Peck and Caity Lotz.

The dance sequences involved in the movie have been shown in a very bad way. However, this movie is all about dancing but all the dancers and actors did not get much screen time to show the talents. The terrible kind of camera work that is done by moving various kinds of cameras in all of the direction while getting the shots from all the sides have played a very bad role in the filming of movie. The dance moves would have been made better visually if the camera would have stuck at a point. The cameras motion has failed all kinds of good scene selection of the movie.

Other than that, the movie story is also not very intriguing or interesting. The lack of god dialogues and greater force full humorous dialogues have further made the movie a letdown for anybody who have gone to see the movie or those who wish to see it soon.

However, it is a 3D movie but it does not involve any kind of greater 3D experience that would let the audience bind to the seats of the cinema. The break dancing themes and steps are very nicely incorporated though but the lack of good cinematography has made it a poor effort in terms of the movie. The hip-hop dancing is done pretty well by all the major actors in the movie but due to the bad filming, the audience does not see anything over the screen.

The choreography is well directed and the choreographer has done a great job but the filming has made it impossible for the audiences to see anything clearer on the screen as the cameras keeps on moving all the time. 

The battle of the year movie could have been a great effort if the filming and dialogues were in a better position. If the camera work had been a little better than this it would surely have attracted number audiences then now. The major reason of failure of the movie involves the poor script, forceful dialogues and lack of line in the story. Many of the sequences in the movie are not finished and some of the characters tend to disappear during the movie. 

The movie altogether is a major flop not impressing even the five percent of audience worldwide as per many movie directories. The critics of the movie have also mentioned the same flaws in the movie and have yet again pointed out the poor cinematography and low dialogue writing along with delivery. Thus, the movie is a sub average kind of movie and it managed to get pretty low responses on the box office. The movie earned very low and did not even complete the cost of it yet, according to the recent surveys.

The movie is a 3D dancing movie and was written by Bril Hill and Chris Parker. It was directed by Benson Lee and is based on the story of people who actually participated in the real event of the same name.

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