Ban on “Maalik” uplifted, Ready to Hit Cinemas’ Screens

The petition filed before Sindh High Court in connection with ban on the movie ‘Maalik’ which touches wrong doing of politicians, has been admitted. Simultaneously the ban placed on it has been declared illegal.

In the course of proceedings relating to the case, the court had reserved its verdict previously. The censor certification of the movie had been officially cancelled and notified on the 27th of April this year by the Federal Government.

As a result, this cancellation, effort of Ashir Azeem who had made his debut as a Director through this film was adversely affected and suffered a major setback. The movie had to taken off the cinemas after three weeks screening.

During the court proceedings, the counsel of the federal government had put forth the argument that the movie theme and contents embarrass and degrade political figures and the likelihood is that such bashing of politicians might trigger unrest. Hence the Government used its constitutional powers to place a ban on the movie showing.

Commenting on the argument submitted by the Government Counsel, the court remarked that the content screened through the film had already been aired by TV Channels and other movies and the movie fans had the option of not watching the movie.

The Court came out with verdict that the federal government had been unable to provide and furnish reasonable arguments in support of ban on Maalik.

Earlier in the course of proceedings, the petitioners had submitted that complaints lodged against the movie were not genuine and were lodged under fake names and hence not admissible.

Sindh High Court declared ban on upcoming Pakistani film 'Maalik' illegal.

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