Badar Khalil Sad By Fawad khans Attitude

The senior actress Badar Khalil left showbiz few months back with the broken heart. The lady got really upset with the attitude and behavior of Televison channel owners and production.  In her interview she revealed that how the biggest star of this time Fawad khan has insulted her in HUM TV Awards 2014. 

In her exclusive interview Badar Khalil said that her life in Television industry was not that much easy, when my husband passed away, I started acting and brought up my children and served more than 40 years in this industry. 

I should be respected for my seniority and contribution in the showbiz industry. In HUM TV Awards she was sitting right next to Sultana Apa and Fawad Khan asked Madam Sultana to come and sit beside her or else he will leave the award ceremony. That was really humiliating as me and sultana are really close friends, she further added:

After working in the entertainment industry for more than four decades Badar Khalil has decided to bid farewell to acting. She has left Canada for good and her disappointment with the drama industry and some people in particular is very evident in this interview.

Badar Khalil with Bushra Ansari

fawad khan

Badar Khalil heart is broken by the unthankful attitude of Television actors and production. Badar is feeling Sad.

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