Ayyan Ali Broke Her Silence for the First Time

The detained supermodel Ayyan Ali said a lot on Monday morning in her court hearing. She allegedly objected for the discriminatory treatment she is facing during her trial in the currency smuggling case.

She claimed that why she has to bear such pain, this case is prolonging for more than 3 months and still nothing is being sought. She also claimed that others facing similar charges are released on bail she has been behind bars for months.

Those who carry triple the amount in their bags were released on bail after a couple of weeks but her request for bail was being denied. This is the first time since her arrest that the supermodel broke her silence and directly addressed the court.

She also alleged that neither the Federal Board of Revenue nor any other institution had sought details of tax and property from other people accused in similar cases but in her case, each and every detail of her income and assets was under scrutiny.

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She also said that her modeling career is at stake because she has signed many contracts with the brands and also highlighted the negative media attention surrounding her .also her personal life and media relations were negatively projected on media, in particular social media.

Ayyan also Rejected allegations of having links with political personalities, Ayyan claimed: “I have no connection with any political leader.” She requested the court to issue directives to media outlets not to politicise the legal proceedings.

I will take legal action against those who have started vicious campaign against me,” she warned.

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I am a citizen of this country and I have certain rights but it appears that my constitutional rights have been taken away,” she said.

I will not go abroad even if I get bail,” she assured the court.

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The special judge of the customs, excise and taxation court adjourned further proceedings in the currency smuggling case until July 13.

The court also took up an application filed by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) seeking registration of a case against Ayyan under Anti-Money Laundering Act. The proceedings on the said application were also put off till July 11.

Ayyan Ali spoke out first time for her defense in her currency smuggling case in front of the court.

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