The Internet Can’t Stop Making Fun of Ayesha Omar’s Picture With Paris Hilton


Just when we think the people on social media have decided to be a tad bit nicer, we were wrong. A recent picture of Ayesha Omar’s picture with Paris Hilton has caused a stir on the Internet and as usual, the haters started their work right away.

To some of you who don’t know to person next to our actress, Paris Hilton is an amazing businesswoman, media personality, singer and model. However, the most common fault of Pakistani people that gets highlighted every time is that they will find faults in even the most amazing people.
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I’m talking about our local celebrities who work day and night to stand where they do now. A little bit of appreciation is important, no? Instead, our local haters will point at how our actresses are standing, smiling, what makeup she has on, etc.
Take a look at the image yourself:
Ayesha Omar is getting criticized for the most stupidest reason of all; her makeup look. Unreal, right? Why would anyone comment on such a dazzling look? Well, for starters, some people thought it was an injury at first. Here’s a quick close up for people who accidentally mistook it for an injury. If you look closely, the artist drew a beautiful flower on the left side of her face, which by the way looks amazing!
Then there were these people…
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