An Interview with Aiza Khan

1. How did you enter the TV industry?

I started my career in showbiz by modeling. I never wanted to become an actress. I started working in dramas by chance. A number of people urged me to act in plays. I took the chance and it proved to be a good experience.

2. Did your family support you?

My family supported me a lot. My mother is always with me on shoots.

3. How was the experience of working with Sania Saeed and other team members in serial ‘Zard Mausaum’?

At first I was very much scared of working with Sania Saeed but later on I enjoyed it a lot working with her and other members. I learned a lot from all of them. They were all very helpful.

4. Name an actor/actress you enjoy working with and why?

I enjoy working with Saba Hameed, Sania Saeed, Faisal and Mohib Mirza. They help a lot in learning acting skills.

Ayeza Khan Pics

5. What type of roles do you like to play?

I choose those which I can do. I can’t play all kind of roles. I don’t do bold roles. I want to act in roles through which I can convey a message to the viewers.

6. What do you consider when selecting a role?

When a script is given to me the first think I want to check is as to how much our cultural norms and values are shown. The second thing that I consider is cast of the play, If the cast is good you can learn many things as well as enjoy working.

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7. What role do you feel is the most challenging you did so far?

It was in the drama serial ‘Mi Raqsam’. The character I played in that serial was quiet challenging for me, there was almost no makeup and I had to show purely natural expressions.

8. Who are your inspirations in acting?

My inspirations are Fahad Mustafa, Mohib Mirza, and Sami Khan.

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9. How do you manage to keep a balance between your professional and personal life?

It’s not difficult for me. I am giving a proper time to my family, studies, and shoots.

10. What is something you have learned in the industry?

I learned you should respect all the people and be honest to yourself.

11. If you were offered to work in films, would you accept?

I have been offered many times to work in films but I don’t want to take the roles. I am not comfortable and I think I am not meant for the film industry.

12. What is the best compliment that you have received for your work?

I am hard working and work well.

Ayeza Khan Makeup

13. What is your greatest personal achievement?

I feel I have gained confidence in myself now.

14. One thing for which you would appreciate the Pakistani drama industry?

Now our drama industry is new talented boys and girls in the field of acting, giving them a chance to prove themselves and make a name for themselves.

15. What does success mean to you?

When people start loving you and give you respect for me it’s your success.

16. One thing you would like to change about yourself?

I am free with people. I trust people easily. I would like to change this.

17. What are some things that you did not like after you joined the entertainment industry?

One thing I don’t like about the industry is that girls smoke a lot. I don’t understand why.

18. What is your message to fans?

Thanks for appreciating my acting skills and my work.


Aiza Khan took part in beauty pageant when she was 16 and since then there has been no looking back. Aiza has proved herself as being more than just having good looks.

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