Amina Saeed Exclusive Interview with Fashion Central

Amina Saeed is an extremely artistic furniture/interior designer showing her immense creativity and stylelicious imagination within the textures of wood to design an ultra classic range of furniture.

Besides, Amina has also been projecting her limitless imagination in doing interiors of houses in Lahore, Karachi and Dubai.

1. Please share with us your career profile?

I’m an interior/furniture designer, and have been in this line for almost 3 years. Have been doing interiors of houses in Lahore, Karachi and Dubai also done interiors of offices as well.

2. What made you come into this profession? Is it your inborn passion or someone who inspired you to become furniture designer?

I guess it was my inborn potential which wasn’t discovered till I did my own house to begin with and the first project gave me the confidence and motivated me to bring it into the professional field.

Secondly my friends have always supported me and encouraged me, they always appreciated my work whether it was my own house décor or my clothes

3. Personally what do you like designing the most, bijou interior decoration pieces or huge furniture pieces?

I don’t limit my designing, whatever I like whether its furniture, lamps, curtains, paintings or the entire interior of the house.

4. What is the philosophy behind your designs?

The concept behind my designs is Cuts & Curves. Producing straight lines is simple and in my opinion boring and not challenging. Whereas bringing in cuts and curves and playing with wood is more creative. Since life is all about cuts & curves too, had it been a straight line it would have been so boring with no challenges to face and win. So, C&C applies everywhere whether clothes, furniture or life! Even my Logo which is my own design and concept says it all about me and my work. I first of all chose horse since Allah gave him the traits of a hardworking, determined, loyal and devoted animal at the same time was chosen for all the prophets to ride.

Again the curvy design around the logo speaks of my furniture style which brings uniqueness and style hands in hand. Something modern yet classy at the same time, even in straight line work I would want it to be attractive piece, by color, cut or style.   

5. You like designing modern sophisticated designs or huge antique designs?

I’ve always leaned towards elegance; it can be dominating by its looks and attractive by its style. Yes I do design Modern furniture but I’ll try to bring beauty through simplicity so that it’s an exclusive piece.

6. Are you training people eager to learn?

Well I wouldn’t mind once I have the time to.

7. What is your favorite type of wood in quality and in look?

Teak is my favorite yet very expensive. The characteristics of teak are heavy weight, expensive, greater strength, oiliness, and toughness plus long life span I observed that since childhood all our furniture, cupboards and walls at home are of teak wood. For so many years nothing went wrong with it the beauty still remains there. Teak is often used in paneling and furniture. Teak is often found in Oriental furniture.

Walnut is my favorite for its beautiful look although its expensive but it has good strength, durability, carvibility and stability plus good shock resistance. Walnut is used for veneers, paneling, and solid furniture. Mahogany looks rich, but can be very light and easy to work.

What I use is seasoned Chesham wood I don’t compromise when it comes to the quality of my work in terms of wood.

8. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Actually, I don’t like to plan I rather go by the flow. Only Allah is the planner for us, but of course as a desire that’s how I would restate it; I would want my brand ‘The Furniture Gallery’ to sell internationally, and would want my business to flourish, want myself amongst the successful league of furniture/interior designers InshahAllah!

9. The current state of economy and massive floods, are they bothering your plans?

Well, my prices are pretty reasonable and affordable in fact every individual was saying that on my launch. My point is to sell and not be a rip off, whereas nowadays everything has become so expensive whether it’s, vegetables or anything in use of daily life when people say that my stuff is very low priced it is a compliment for me. So in my belief if my products are not pricy and rather reasonable I’ll sell more and in that case will be beneficial.

10. Furniture designing must be terribly hectic, going to different places and choosing the type of wood, so how do you manage everything?

I have trained staff working for me, have my own set up. Yes it’s very tiring and hectic for me but I love keeping myself busy. The day when I have no time, I’m in fact so relaxed and content gives me a peaceful sleep.

11. All your professional efforts combined with gifts of nature, are they fetching reasonable returns in financial terms?

Allah has been and is very kind on me; he acknowledged my hard work and rewarded me with his blessings.

12. What do you think about fashion designing, is furniture designing better than that? And any plans of stepping into fashion designing in future.

They’re both two different fields altogether. It all depends what you choose and why. Trends and style in furniture line has been pretty stagnant for the longest time, the concept of people has always been carving rather lots of carving where as there is so much we can do.

So, I’ve taken the initiative of changing the trend and diverting peoples’ attention from that old version. Talking about fashion, I don’t think that it will be my profession coz as my classical dance guru Nighet chaudhry said ‘ Amina you’ve discovered yourself and every furniture piece is irresistible’ so this is who and what I’m finally. I do design my own clothes and for my friends and family too since they love my clothing style.

13. Any message or piece of advice that you want to give to our youth, who is interested in doing furniture designing!

Young generation needs to give a new look to wood, change the vision, style and be more creative with wood. If their field is of an interior designer or in fact any field than be very hardworking and dedicated, sky is the limit. Hard work pays it off!

Amina Saeed is an extremely artistic furniture/interior designer showing her immense creativity and stylelicious imagination within the textures of wood to design an ultra classic range of furniture.

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