Model Aisha Linnea Akhtar Got Divorce from Her Husband Shahbaz Shigri

Aisha Linnea Akhtar is a Pakistani Model and Got Married to Actor/Director Shahbaz Shigri 10 Years ago and now Divorced.

She Posted this Status on her Facebook.

Hello! I know I tend to be a pretty private person, but there comes a point where it’s easier to just put something out there rather than answer the same tough questions individually, over and over again. The majority of messages I’ve received over the past year have been overwhelmingly kind and supportive so I feel like the least I can do is update you all a bit…  I get 3 questions in my DMs on a daily basis:  1. Where have you disappeared to? 2. What’s going on with you and Shahbaz? 3. Can you start posting again?

I’ll start with the hardest first. Shahbaz and I parted ways last June after being together for nearly a decade, so to say it’s been the toughest year ever would be an understatement. We’re now both getting on with life and will always love and respect each other a great deal. I’d like to just leave it at that and hope you can respect my privacy. I disappeared because it never felt natural for me to share even my outwardly perfect life online, let alone a life that felt so strange and broken. Thus the 1.5 year insta-hiatus. I started a new chapter in life a while ago, and would like to do the same online now. I’ve put a lot of work into improving my mental and physical health this year and as cliched as it may be, I do feel like a new person. Life is good.  I’m very thankful for all of your kindness and I’m gonna try to start posting more often. I don’t know exactly what or how often, but this is a start.

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