Aisha Khadeeja Exclusive Interview with Fashion Central

1. Share with us your career profile?

We started off in 2005 with bridal dresses for some friends. Emboldened by the generous response and appreciation we started making formals and semi-formals and continued to excel in the bridals: our mainstay. We have occasionally exhibited our prêt line, which received huge admiration. Needless to say we are about launch our ready to wear soon.

2. What inspired you to become a fashion designer?

Our mother loved to dress us up immaculately for school and occasions alike.  Maybe it was the constant appreciation from friends and family that really kindled this penchant for fashion in us.

3. Since childhood, which one of you two was more inclined towards going to this field?

Khadeeja was always the artsy type and later was very keen to be a textile designer. She went to PIFD where she learned all the technicalities and her design was also selected for an international show in Paris.

4. Do you divide your works separately or do you both work on everything, from selecting fabrics to creating designs and prints, together?

We put everything together from A to Z.

5. The business cycle is not easy to endure, especially for newcomers. Can you name a Guru who guided you?

Faith in our abilities has guided us all along.

6. How do you help women in the becoming torchbearers of fashion and style?

We believe in capturing the quintessence of feminism and natural beauty of a woman with style.

7. When you see your dresses looking good on an individual, how do you feel?

Rewarded. It is much more than only selling a product.  The client is advised on the hair-do, jewelry, etc to ensure the product is befittingly carried.

8. In case of an unsatisfactory customer, do you accept criticism; ever lose your temper?

To us, feedback is like oxygen.

9. What thrills you?

A challenging assignment.

10. Pakistan made textiles; do you accept the quality of the cloth?

Yes of course.  Pakistan’s textile industry produces some of the finest quality fabrics and designs, which cannot be found elsewhere.

11. Your competitors in business, are they a threat?

No they are not because every designer is unique in style.

12. With all these fashion weeks, do you think Pakistan Fashion Industry is evolving and evolving to the right direction?

 The growth of fashion industry in Pakistan is very encouraging.

13. Do you take pride in designing traditional dresses or western dresses with modern urban edge?

We design from eastern attires to western silhouettes.

14. How do you see your work, five years from now?

A brand highly respected and widely admired.

15. What makes you feel proud about Pakistani fashion industry and Pakistani designers?

Immensely talented people who have earned recognition in the international arena through sheer hard work and creativity.

16. Any fashion advice you want to give to Pakistani youth?

Style is individual. Explore your own.

Fashion designers Aisha Khadeeja reveal their inspiration and some childhood memories in exclusive interview with Fashion Central.

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