Ahad Raza Mir Finally Reveals A Secret About His and Sajal Ali Relationship

This year, so many celebrity couples got married. Feroze Khan, Aisha Khan, Sonam Kapoor and many more. All of these celebrities married without any prior announcement or making a great deal about it. 

After all these celebrities got married, there is still a long list of celebs that people secretly wish should get married. From that list right now, Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir are trending. Yes, stating the obvious. But aren’t they the cutest??

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The first time people witnessed them together was in the drama serial “Yaqeen Ka Safar”. Now they have signed another drama which is to go on air next month.


The most fun on set is when @sajalaly pulls out the camera. To be continued.

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They are each other’s biggest supporters and his family loves her. Sajal’s sister loves Ahad and they look good together. Waiting for the drama serial Angan to release and the right time for them to tell the truth. *fingers crossed*

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