“I want to kill Ranveer Singh” – Salman Khan

Salman Khan he neas proved once again that he’s the biggest superstar of Bollywood. Sultan has earned over 230 crores and is still unstoppable. Trade experts are predicting that it will easily cross the 300 crore mark. But Salman Khan has no interest in the collectionss.

He says, “I don’t follow numbers. Producers follow numbers. YRF is following numbers. Once the film is done and initial awareness of the film is done  then I’m out of the film. I move on to next film. See, numbers do matter to me but I’m not good with dates and numbers. So even if someone comes and tell me that itna business hua hai, I will say theek hai.”

Salman is simply happy with the fact that people have loved his film and are watching it again and again. He expresses his happiness, “Mujhe compliment yeh mila hai ki log theatre mein ja rahe hain dobara aur phir thrird time film dekhne. Isse bada compliment ho nahin sakta.”  He heaps praise on director Ali Abbas Zafar, “Credit goes to Ali. Inhone hi mujhe is mukaam par pahuncha diya hai. Story, Script, music sab inka tha.”

There are speculations that a Sultan sequel is in the pipeline but Salman denies it by saying, “Yahi badi mushkil se bani hai. It’s very tough to do a sports based film.”

Salman also revealed the secret of his success. “I have been very lucky. I have been right place at the right time, choosing the right film and working with people who worked hard for me. I have been lucky with this. And once the luck runs out, I will really start working hard on me.”

Salman accepts that he has become choosy about his films now. “I don’t do the amount of films I use to do earlier because I’m choosy with the films I’m doing.”

This year, before Sultan’s humongous box office collection, Hollywood films were leading at the Indian box office. Salman remains candid about this and says, “That’s damn good. That only means that we should work harder. They have been able to understand our market more than we have been able to. So they have been doing really good job. And I think the reason is that we are shying away from emotions.”

He pretends to be unhappy with the way Ranveer Singh danced on Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai in a Parisian theatre. “I want to kill him. I want to break a chair or something on his head… watch a film. Don’t start dancing and disturb the film.  He wasn’t watching Sultan. He was making people watch him. We should have charged money for that.”

But the megastar is actually quite fond of the young sensation. He says, “I like this boy Ranveer. I like Varun Dhawan, Tiger Shroff, Sooraj Pancholi. Arjun Kapoor is good. I like Ranbir Kapoor and Sidharth Malhotra.”

On being the undisputed ‘number one star of Bollywood’, Salman says, “I have been number one in my mother’s eyes. I don’t know about anything else.” Speaking of Salman’s parents, he also tells us that they absolutely loved Sultan. “My mom loved Sultan. My dad Salim Khan is my biggest critic. His reaction is very important to me. So he comes back and says ‘bhool jao, so jao, next wali par zyada mehnat karo’.”

Salim Khan has never written any film for him. When asked about it, Salman says, “My father is writing articles right now and he is doing a really good job. Oh, he is also tweeting now and he is fantastic. I want him to do whatever he wants to do, man. Just don’t trouble my mothers.”

Salman doesn’t have time to watch new releases because of his busy schedule. “I work out quite a lot. So I don’t get time to watch movies. But when I’m not working out or acting, I surf channels which is something I have recently learned to do. Otherwise, I didn’t know how to pick up the remote and change the channel. I just learnt recently about fifteen days ago. I’m not good with technology at all,” he reveals.

The actor will soon be back on television with the new season of Bigg Boss. He is super excited about it. “Right now we are doing Bigg Boss. I would love to do Dus Ka Dam again. I really enjoyed that show. But now Bigg Boss is easier show for me to do. In fact, I think this season is going to be difficult because it’s common man v/s celebrity. It will be difficult for me to handle this time.”

Salman Khan was recently embroiled in controversy over his ‘raped woman’ comment. He says he will be careful about his words now but also has an interesting take on the matter – “Should I give you something on which you’ll survive for the next one or two weeks or should I just not say anything? If I don’t say anything, I’m boring. If I give you something right now, you will like that but people around me will not like that. See, I understand your intention, I understand your responsibility towards your channel, papers and magazines that has to go on. So now you decide what you want me to do? Should I give you something or not?”

Aamir Khan recently said that Salman is the bigger superstar. Salman accepts his statement by saying, “See, Aamir doesn’t lie about me. That one thing I give Aamir,” he jokes.

An exclusive interview of Bollywood super star Salman Khan Looking back at her exceptional career.

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