65 Years Old Former MNA proposed Meera

Muhammad Wazir Safi former MNA from Mohmand Agency proposed Meera for marriage. Sixty-seven years-old and father of six children have thought of going Lahore and hold the hands of Meera.

Malik sahib is so excited that he has made the future plans with her not so confirmed second wife. After tying knot with Meera he will bring her to Mohmand Agency to live in his Kot (We say to big Haveli that is large walled)

Woh!  But Malik Sahib had no idea that has to cross many hurdles to reach out to the most demanding personality. Malik Sahab has to complete 4 conditions in order to marry her and now listen carefully to the four conditions of Meera for marriage.

meera scandal

  1. First Condition: Half of the money after selling all the items in house would have to be transferred in her account.
  2. Second Condition: Residence in Dubai.

  3. Third Condition:  Permission to work in films and TV dramas,

  4. Fourth Condition: Right of Divorce.

Once Safi Jee will agree to the above mentioned conditions only then Meera G will respond to the Marriage proposal.


So if Safi Sahab is ready to become secretary cum husband then he has to sacrifice Khairat, wealth and tribal leadership. If you agree then she will decide the time and place for marriage. We wish Safi Sahab best of luck in convincing Meera G.

Former MNA from Mohmand Agency Muhammad Wazir Safi imposed to fulfill four conditions proposed by Meera.

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