5 Romantic Fashion Trends to try for Valentine’s Day

With valentine’s day just around the corner everyone is fussing about what clothes to wear, what shoes to match and what jewelry to pick out to be with their loved ones on a day based solely on love. So when it comes on the day based on love ever designer has one sole and dire purpose; to put out in their boutiques that leaves your lovers eyes fixed on you and their jaws dropped. To fulfill that purpose following are the five recent and most asked for fashion trends based only and created solely for Valentine’s Day.

When it comes to a fashion trend, Dolce and Gabbana is not far behind. With a splash of colors and elegance they uplift the commonality of a simple dress making it good enough to dine in with your valentine. Without much of a need of jewelry the dress alone fills the purpose. Alongside them is the well-known Valentino collection that never grows old. Using frills and pastel colors these dresses make a statement as novel and one of a kind as the dresses.

They vary in colors to length of the dress to make sure you are comfortable when you don’t follow a trend but take one and make it completely your own. Alongside the two is Fashion McQueen’s collection. They make black in on everything. Giving you the crisp waist to look stunning and elegant at the same time these dresses can never really do your body type wrong.

Fashion trends are never really limited to what you wear. But range from your hair to your makeup to your shoes as well. Over the years a lot of focus has been placed on shoes and clothes, but now makeup and hair demand just as much importance. So for Valentine’s Day see your skin type and begin. If you are someone with porcelain skin stick with the peaches and the browns for your lips and keep your face as natural as possible because your skin is already doing the trick.

If you’re more into a medium skin tone type plum up your lips while keeping your face and eyes orange type colored or whatever color that works best with your dress, not overdoing it and keeping it elegant. If you are more towards a dark skin tone then go for a vibrant dark lipstick, something that ramifies your face. With a peachy blush and olive shade on your eyes shift the focus to your gorgeous makeup. Just because it is Valentine’s Day does not mean you go berserk on your makeup. Above are just starters you can always play with your makeup as long you know it looks elegant and stunning nevertheless.

Don’t go overboard with foundation so you keep your natural face base your starting point. Loosely apply a lush and uplifting blush to your cheeks given your skin color and tone. Blend the lusciousness of the shades you use and try to add a little shimmer to give your eyes the sparkle that love demands. If you are using more than one color blend them with elegance so they bring out your eyes and their natural color. Uplift your entire face with the final application of your lip color. Either have your hair loosely curled, up in a messy bun, or just roughly open this Valentine’s day. Because nothing says fun more than a few loose strands.

Over the years Valentine's Day has become an outrageously fancy holiday celebrated thoroughly all over the world. Dominated by fancy gift cards, chocolates, jewelry and perfumes, everyone celebrates it with the intention of making it genuinely beautiful f

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