19 Answers with Fashion Designer Saadia Asad

1. When I get dressed in the morning I always think…  

Of how to match different accessories to jazz up the look.

2. The Item In my closet that I currently wear the most is…  

My blue jeans and black chiffon top.

3. The best styling tip I ever got…

Just be yoursel, fashion is in born.

4. Every woman should invest in…

A good and comfortable pair of shoes.

5. When I’m looking to get inspired I….

Travel to different parts of the world.

6. The biggest challenge about being a costume designer…

To always come up with new designs and cuts which are unique in their own way.

7. I love my city because….

Lahore lahore hai.

8. The character that was hardest to dress was…

None as yet.

9. If only my days had one extra hour I would…

Hit the gym.

10. The biggest fashion gem I ever found ….

Still on the lookout.

11. My favorite hidden shopping spots are…

Chanting chowk Delhi.

12. I can’t travel without…

My daughter scheherazade

13. My guilty pleasure is….

Eating chocolates.

14. When I’m stressed I…

I like to stay alone.

15. My fashion pet peeve is…

Wearing flip flops.

16. What people don’t realize about being a designer….

It’s a very stressful job   to work with labor and also where you have to make sure the client Is always happy.

17. My all-time favorite purchase…

My Chanel maxi In black.

18. If I could have dinner with anyone in the world it would be…

Harrison Ford.

19. I’m excited for winter because….

I can design my outfits in darker vibrant colors.


Saadia Asad talks to Fashion Central about her brand's philosophy. “Saadia Asad” is a leading luxury fashion house in Pakistan that is simple yet elegant in nature. Intricate designs and vibrant colors are her specialty.

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