14th August Trend Report

On this day fashion designers and brands introduce their Independence Day fashion collections tohighlight the spirit of freedomin western and traditional clothing styles.

Through her distinctive handbag collections in 2012, the accessory designer Mahin Hussain appealed to the patriot that lives in every Pakistani woman’s heart.

Her collection titled ‘Zinda Qaum’ features two great personalities who she feels must be commended for their contributions to Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan and Noor Jehan. The collection was inspired by the patriotic track Hum Zinda Qaum Hain Painda Qaum Hain and according to Hussain it revolves around the concept of identity and ownership that we belong to this country and this country belongs to us.

Pinkstich, a big fashion design label where designers constructs concepts for women fashion also launched Pinkstich Green Independence Day Dresses 2012 for Women. 

Pinkstich has gracefully used Pakistani National Flag theme. Dresses of Pinkstich lets in stylish long shirts dyed in green color with moon and star signs printed on them. Women and girls who were browsing to have a get together with college or university friends should emphatically buy these ready to wear girls by Pinkstich and let all one know their passion for their country and fashion appetency.

Sen’talis launched Summer Independence Day 14th August Polo T Shirts Collection for 2012 – 2013 for Men and women to show their love to country with the theme Show off your Pakistani spirit. Sen’talis is very famous spiritual Polo shirts fashion brand in Pakistan. The brand uses t-shirts to express emotions, and beliefs. Quaid e Azam, Pakistani Azadi Indepndence year 1947, Minar e Pakistan and other Azadi signs printed on these shirts.

For those who love to dress up and are enthusiastic about following Pakistani Fashion and wearing something unique on Independence Day here are some good ideas as to how they should adopt Pakistani Fashion on this special day.

Dress according to color code:

When we talk about Pakistani Independence Day green and white is the theme you are looking for. For Women, white shalwar kameez with elegant sleeves and neck with a flowy green dopatta has always been the best way to dress up for Independence Day.

Selection of accessories:

You don’t necessarily have to wear everything with a flag on it. You can only buy something which goes with the theme like big oval rings or pretty hairpins or may be bracelets and earrings in green or white which would go well with your dress.

Try something unique:

Pakistani boys are also quite passionate about their country’s birthday so for them it is recommend to try out something different than just wearing a white shalwar kameez for e.g, wearing a Green shalwar kameez and adding a white scarf on it.

You can also try and be different yet cultural by wearing a Vest Coat on your shalwar kameez and don’t forget to tie a green or white scarf around your wrist. This makes you all set to enjoy Independence Day with an outfit of your choice.

The nation celebrates and pays tribute to those whose hard work and perseverance led to the making of Pakistan.

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