Your Pregnant Body: What He Really Thinks

Are you mumbling over mood swings, stretch marks, swollen feet, and chubby cheeks? But before you were an expecting mom, have you ever thought what your man thinks about your plumy and overweight body?? – This is a transition to become parents, a new era of your life where everything will revolve around your baby.

Although a pregnant woman becomes over sensitive, physically week but there are many men who want to hold their women more, give them a sense of protection. This is what is called real love, and thus such couples enjoy beautiful pregnancies. The worries about weight still stand true on their parts which have major impacts on their looks. Some pregnant women dislike their appearance and also believe that their partner feels the same, but surveyed dads say that the opposite is true.

In successful marriages your husband loves you despite you have a wobbly figure with dropping breast. A lot of difficulties of pregnancy like breast tenderness because they’re directly related to nurturing the baby, on top of morning sickness, nausea, and fatigue may decrease your lovemaking relationships. But it is just the ideal time when both partners can prove their love and the bond they have.

Pregnancy is a normal and natural phenomenon but there are some inhuman dads who do not provide the adequate amount love and protection to their wives, who lead to depression and stress for the pregnant lady, thus it causes adverse effects on the baby.

As many women are going through huge hormonal changes they may be conscious about their looks, hair and skin. Here are a few pregnancy beauty tips which may prove fruitful for them.

Many pregnant women get huge faces, the size of their face would increase tremendously, so pregnant ladies should not go for short hair, bob cuts as that will further add to their fattiness. Keep longer haircuts. The more volume your hair has, the smaller your face will look so apply mousse or hair gels.

You can also use some smarter makeup tips to instantly give your face a slimmer look during  pregnancy, thus suggestion is to use bronzer brush along your cheek bones, forehead and nose for your fatty cheeks. Bronzer brush also needs along your jaw line to conceal a double chin.

Many pregnant women develop acne during pregnancy, thanks to changing hormonal changes taking place in their bodies. Wash your face each night with an oil-free face wash and cleansers. You have to talk to your doctor and ask for his consultation.

Pregnancy is a transition but it comes with lot difficulties as it has raised your status by giving us a belonging. Pregnancy provides you with a different type of body about you that comes from a sparkling-new confidence and power.

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