Your Hair Product To Blame For Hair Loss

Hair is the most important part of human beauty. Everyone wishes to have long, healthy, silky and shiny hair. For this purpose, he/she gets fooled to see the various TV commercial which promise to provide beautiful and healthy hair.

People spend a lot for purchase the expensive products so that to get perfect look for luscious locks. There are many hair problems like hair falling, dandruff, hair thinning and baldness etc. to cure these problems many products and treatment are introduced. Different kind of shampoos, conditioners, and oil are available in market. But still your hair products to blame for hair fall.

Hair falling is the biggest problem and second is dandruff. A person who has rough and dry hair use different products consecutively, in which result, losses hair and to blame hair product for hair loss. Experts say that hair damaging or falling can be cause of climate, weather, water and food.

Dermatologists say that poor life style, unhealthy diet, pollution and genes can become the reasons of hair fall or ugly looks. There are some also other factors to reduce the hair which are peer pressure or anxiety, enough exposure of sunshine and vitamin D deficiency. Stress is the major cause to destroy the beauty and grace of hair.

Usually people do not know the basic reasons of hair loss and use different commodities without knowledge than blame to product for hair loss. Causes of hair loss in men and women are different, and it is also different in terms of treatment. Mostly menopause, hormonal imbalance, post pregnancy and menstrual cycle are the major causes in women for loss hair.

Experts suggest many treatments for damaged, dry and rough hair and also complain that people are unaware and use the products and treatment without dermatologist’s suggestions. As a result of the weakening of the hair begin to fall and hair product to blame for hair loss.

Trend of hair dye is very common and popular in our age. Everyone wants to give a new and unique color to hair thus rapid use of hair coloring damage the hair. People go to parlor or saloon for hair dye; most of the parlors use cheap and Non-standard products which harm the hair. Some ladies damage the hair because they use redundant household tips and then blame to hair product for hair loss.

Here are some tips for those who are suffering hair fall and dandruff and blame to hair product for hair loss.

First take healthy and proper diet. According to nutritionists, “just like other part of body the cells and processes that support strong, vibrant hair depend on balanced diet”. 

Secondly use the oil once in week. Take some olive, coconut or canola oil and massage into the roots of hair, leave it for an hour then wash it with shampoo.

Pollution damages the hair but blame to hair product for hair loss. To get rid of this problem, use the juice of ginger, garlic or onion and rub your scalp with this juice, leave it overnight and then wash.

Use green tea because it contains antioxidants which prevent the hair loss and boost hair growth. Some people use local product which is made by unhealthy formula and damage the hair. Always use branded shampoo, conditioners or cream according to specialist’s prescription.

Use the paste of Shika Kai, Amala and Ritha once in a week for healthy, black shinny and long hair. Daily use of straighteners, blow dryer, gel, sprays, or mosses are harmful for hair. Try to less use of these products.

We all want to healthy, smooth and beautiful long hair. To prevent the major causes of hair loss or dandruff it is necessary to create awareness among both sexes at early age. Besides, random use of hair products can be avoided.

Thick, healthy and smooth hair is a dream of everyone. Random use of hair products damages the beauty and grace of hair. Take perfect diet and consult to specialists to maintain the beauty of hair and prevent from hair loss.

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