Womens Guide to Everyday Makeup

Hello ladies let’s get directly started with our conversation. No unclear talk, just straight to the point. Yes, today’s agenda ‘Make-over’. This article will be your guide towards the very basics of everyday make up / cosmetics every woman should know.

While, there’s a wider population of women who have interests in makeup, there are those as well who fall short on knowledge because of less interest.

Yes, both the parties exist. So, this article is going to be a guide on the very basic very essential, targeting both categories of women.

Let’s begin:


Well, call them magic! These are the products that are used to cover your skin’s imperfections. Be it dark circles, blemishes or acne scars.

The concealer is applied with the help of a brush to the afflicted areas; this normally goes in aggregation with the foundations.


So, you have imperfection protruding out on the face, there you go concealer is your best friend. A very basic make-up/cosmetic.


They come in the form of creams/lotions/powders. They are adjusted according to the skin color and tones of women.

makeup foundation

Ranging a wide range from olive tan to Fair. After the application of concealer, foundation is applied on the face; to give the skin an even tone. Yes, that’s a second step down to your makeup/cosmetic guide.

Face powder:

face powder pics

Now, this product is meant to change the color of your skin slightly elevated than your original skin color. It is the third step towards your basic makeup/cosmetic usage. These are applied by brushes. They are also the mediums to ensure the foundation sticks to the face for longer hours of the day/night.


blush on guide

This is the fourth step down to the everyday makeup/cosmetic use. This comes in wide range; depending on the skin tone. Those with fairer skin tones choose colors in pink while certain brown shades are preferred for the olive/near to olive skin colors


Lipsticks are the regular products that are applied to lips to enhance their shape, make them plummy and more desirable. The lipsticks come in shades and shades of colors.

red lips

There are a variety of lip colors in the market. The best one can do is trying the testers, prior purchase. This is the 5th step of the regular makeup/cosmetic for any woman to apply

Eye essentials:

This might include eye pencil / liners/ mascara. Well, pencils and liners are products to appear your eyes dark while mascara is your step to give volume / enhance your eye lashes.

eye makeup guide

So, these are the everyday makeup/cosmetic essentials for every woman. This is the easiest that could be explained in terms of regular make-over. Hope you have a fun time practicing. Happy Application!

The very notion of a womans day start is her everyday routine of makeup. Here is a very basic guide for the everyday cosmetics a woman can use.

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