Women Bags Style 2013

There is no secret that women want to look good and almost always – even when they are casually dressed and are comforted in the privacy of their homes. Other than the clothes, women are downright gaga about stylish accessories out of which hand bags are one. Having said this, a whopping majority of women does not realize the importance of the stylish matching handbag and accessories and how these define their overall persona and demeanor. In fact, it can be just one simple accessory or a handbag that can truly transform their look of the day.

Choosing a good handbag is not an easy task, true. You need a bag as per your outfit and more importantly your body type. Bags style tips give you a quick look at the hot bags style 2013 and whether it would suit your personality.


Clutches top our list of bags style 2013. They were a super favorite in 2012 and 2013 doesn’t seem bad for them either. Plenty of styles, designs and colors are available in these hand-helds. These are small, hand-held bags that are particularly used with evening wears and wedding functions but the fresh wave of street trends shows fancy & stylish clutches in every woman’s hands especially the young college going girls.


Pouches are a close contestant for the most popular handbags for 2012. Together with clutches, pouches were one of the most favorite lady accessories that were sold like hotcakes. 2013 begins with healthy chances that girls are going to stick with the lovely pouches they bought last year. A pouch is a small soft bag that is handheld and has enough space to hold money, wallet, cellphone and ID & debit cards etc. Pouches secure the second position in the bags style 2013. So, do not stop using your pouches, ladies.

Hobo bag:

Hobo bag has secretly snaked its way into the top bags style tips for the current year. A hobo bag is a crescent shaped small bag with a strap to be mounted on the shoulder. This bag has been around for quite a long time and is one of the ever-favorites with the ladies.

Duffle Bag:

Duffle Bag secures the 4th slot in the bags style 2013. A duffle bag is a tall shoulder bag with a wide mouth. College girls and fashion models are passionate users of this category.

Cigar Box:

Cigar Box is making the new trend. Although its name is too masculine to appeal women, it is actually a feminine accessory with a hard box like look. Very sexy. Very chic.

Field Bag:

Field Bag is a professional bag that has a flat top and plenty of room for housing your wallet, sunnies, kerchiefs, jewelry, cosmetics, cell phone and master cards. It makes one of the interesting bags style tips as well as a signature look of your own.


Baguettes are another popular type of handbags that is guaranteed to make it big in 2013. This is a large hand-held bag that is pretty spacious and stylish. Perfect for professional women as well as housewives.

A quick look-see at the bags style 2013 and how to choose one.

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