Winter Beauty Tips to Cure Cracked Heels

Get rid of flaky and cracked heels by our simple winter beauty tips.

Beauty is not just limited to fresh skin and glowing face; in fact it should be focused on every part of your body. With the arrival of winter most of us face the problem of cracked heels, which restrict us to wear a particular type of shoes. Women with flaky and cracked heels can only dream of wearing fancy shoes with high heels, as the improper situation of their feet didn’t allow them to enjoy the charm.

Other than the bad look and appearance that cracked heels gave to your feet, it is also very painful while walking. Cracked heels are not something that cannot be cured or prevented. With our simple and beneficial beauty tips you can experience the soothing and relaxing heels with silky feel.

The main reasons that are responsible for cracked heels are age factor, excessive dryness and above all carelessness. Many people only concentrate on face and hands, and don’t give enough care to their feet and heels. By following our winter beauty tips, you can get baby like skin of heels and a liberty to wear any kind of shoes and footwear.

All these remedies are natural beauty tips and can be easily tried at home, which have always brought in good results without any fear of side effects.

Beauty Tips with Ripe Banana: You can use ripe banana as a miraculous beauty aid by applying it thoroughly on dry and cracked heels for about 10 to 15 minutes. With this beauty tips you will experience smooth and slippery heels.

Beauty Tips with Olive Oil: To heal and protect cracked heels massage your feet with Olive oil before going to bed. To make most out of this beauty tips, don’t rinse the feet after applying and wear a pair of socks overnight for soft and supple heels.

Beauty Tips with Rose Water: The miraculous rose water beauty tips are also worked for cracked heels, when combined with glycerin. By applying the mixture for regular 15 days on your feet, you will be amazed to see your cracked heels vanishing.

Beauty Tips for Cleaning and Moisturizing: Daily or weekly cleansing and moisturizing are very important winter beauty tips to get rid of cracked heels. For healthy heels try a foot soak in warm salty water for 10-15 mins at the end of the day. After cleaning your feet, apply a good moisturizing foot cream to attain supple and soft heels.

By following these winter beauty tips for cracked heels, the idea of exposing the heels will not irritate you, and you can flaunt your feet with stylish stilettos.

Get rid of flaky and cracked heels by our simple winter beauty tips.

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