What Your Nails Reveal About Your Health

Did u know that even your nails can tell much about your health history? Well, in case you did not, this is a new piece of information for you. Take a good look at your fingernails. Do you find them strong and healthy-looking? Or do you see ridges, or areas of odd color or shape? By checking out your nails, you can get a good hint of your general health, since poor health results in many changes in your nails that your doctor can use to develop a diagnose.

Follow the bullets and you’ll come across a few nail disorders that may be linked with illnesses:

• Beau’s lines

Beau’s lines are pockmarks which appear across your nail. This can appear when the growth at the nail root is troubled by harsh infirmities such as a heart attack, measles, or pneumonia.

• Clubbing

Clubbing is a case where you will find your fingertips widening and becoming round while the nails around your fingertips curves and bows inwards. This occurs due to swelling in connective tissue owing to persistent shortage of oxygen. Lung disease is found in 80 percent of people who have clubbed fingers.

• Half-and-Half

Also known as Lindsay’s nails – is another thing you should be careful about. In this case, see if you have a curve of brownish staining appearing. Although this may come into view in a small ration of people who happen to be suffering from a kidney disorder.

• Onycholysis

Pronounced as ON-i-ko-LY-sis is the case when your nail starts separating from the nail bed. According to the medical point of view, mostly this problem is allied with some sort of physical injury (trauma), psoriasis, drug reactions, fungal disease or contact dermatitis occurring from the excessive usage of nail hardeners. Every so often onycholysis can be associated to an over- or under-active thyroid gland, iron deficiency, or syphilis.

• Ever heard about ‘spoon nails’?

Well, spoon nails is a condition in which the nails get softened and scooped out. Depression, infact, is typically large enough to hold a drop of liquid. This condition is normally reflecting iron deficiency in your body.

• What is Terry’s nails? 

it is the conditon in which the nails appear thick and white, however the tip gets a dark pink or slightly brown line appearing on it. This can be an indication of cirrhosis, congestive heart failure, adult-onset diabetes, cancer, or aging.

By doing a slight check-up of yourself, you can easily judge about your own health this way.

It is true that your nails can display much about your physical health. How? we will help you find the answer to that.

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