What is your favorite Retro Style?

About Retro Style:

The word retro means ‘backwards or in past times’, so basically a retro style refers to a clothing trend from the past i.e. from the era 1920s to 1980s. The retro style fashion clothing like garments and accessories represents the stylish decades of the past.

Retro Style Apparel Varieties:

There are several types of retro style clothing that you can easily mix with modern fashion to get your own vintage appeal. The common trademarks of retro style attire include bell-bottom jeans, waistcoats, tunic tops, smock tops, miniskirts, swing cardigans, poodle or trumpet skirts, fedoras, funky jackets, chiffon or silk scarves, pumps, big far-out cat eye sunglasses and chunky jewelery.

Besides clothing, retro style also symbolizes a specific type of makeup and hairstyle, as both makes an essential element of feminine retro fashion. The signature retro style makeup includes heavily-lined eyes and bright shaded lipstick colors. For hairstyle, high ponytails, ducktails and pompadours are adopted as a characteristic retro style fashion.

Choose Your Own Retro Fashion Persona:

Retro style fashion is the most inspiring and famous fashion from the past decades. It means different things to different people. Be it the glamorous flapper fashion from 20s, or a timeless 50s look, be it the sweet 60s flavor, or the sultry 70s appeal, your retro style is entirely up to you and it depends on the era that inspires you.

Let’s discuss about how you can create your own retro style by following these simple easier steps:

• Choose Desired Era

The most important step to get a retro look is to choose your favorite retro era. A respective retro style of a decade is completely different from another. Decide yourself the look you want and which suits you the best.

If you value old classic fashion then follow the retro style of 1940s i.e. bias cut dresses, wide-legged trousers, fur stoles, panama hats and soft curls. To enhance your feminine appeal go for timeless 50s look of retro style which includes cinched waists, full skirts, scarves, shirtdresses, fitted sweaters and espadrilles.

If you acknowledge sweet 60s, follow the retro style of A-line shifts, Capri pants, up-do’s, bouffant, bangs, turtlenecks and false eyelashes. To add a more modern sultry appeal, the retro style of 70s is perfectly suitable in the form of flared denims, white pants, maxi dresses, large brimmed hats and tie-neck blouses. For channeling bright 80s fashion, go for bright colors crop tops, tunics, skinny jeans, patterned leggings, bootlegs or flares, green or blue eyeliners, and head scarves.

• Find Right Accessories

After choosing your desirable retro style, it is time to find the right jewelery pieces to enhance your retro fashion persona. Jewelery can play an important part in making or breaking your entire retro style signature statement.

Every retro era has its own unique set of jewelery. The 20s flappers had its significant knotted pearls, 70s retro fashion had its braided bracelets and beads, and 80s innovative style had lots of bangles. Each era is further graced with fashion accessories like hats, sunglasses, belts, ornaments and retro décor embellishments.

• Retro Style Fashion Makeup

You cannot get into the skin of a retro style, unless you have applied the right kind of makeup complimenting your attire. Each retro era has its unique signature makeup styles. Be it the dark winged eyeliner, or the frosty eye shadow, be it the saucy red lips, or the false eyelashes, you must acknowledge the beauty and grace of the makeup that can easily help you get your perfect retro style looks. In addition, make sure that your hair styling goes well with your entire retro look.

• Fusion of Modern & Vintage

Make sure to integrate your personal fashion taste into your desirable retro style. Try experimenting different looks by mixing vintage and modern fashion. Fashion is all about expressing your individuality, so let your retro look work with your own personal style.

One of the most inspiring and desirable fashion looks of all the times is a retro style, which has its high significance in the fashion world.

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