What Hair Style Suits Your Facecut

Choosing the right hair style is again a serious dilemma for a number of people. Since, your hair defines your personality, it is vital to get a hairstyle that synchronizes with your looks; the face- cut, to be more precise.  All you have to do is follow the tips mentioned below:

In case of a heart-shaped and diamond-shaped face-cut, you would need a hair style with shorter hair in the crown region and at the side, ear areas. To further enhance it, add curls and detail to the chin area. Tendrils on the jaw area or bangs can give you a wider rounder look. Do not try getting a style that would augment your already heart-shaped appearance.

Now, let’s move onto those with a round-shaped face-cut. Shorten the length of hair at the sides and ear area. Keep hair longer beyond the chin or just above it. A side part works fine too. It is better if you keep hair off the face around the cheek area. 

If you have a square shaped face, this is what you would require. Go for a style that round out your hair and rather cover-up the square shaped appearance of your face. A touch of curls, angled or wispy bangs, and a few bands around the cheek area will do wonders. A cut that allows for some height is also a good idea. Do not go for a centre part, it would enhance the square shape and make your face seem big. A side part is suitable. Keep away from straight bangs and hanging hair. They are not meant for you, at all!

There. That went well. But, there is still a query left unanswered, how can one tell what type of face cut do they possess? Well, that is simple. Pull up your hair back away from your face and tie them up in a pony tail or in case they are short, stick them back with water. Concentrate at your reflection in the mirror and outline the shape using a bar of soap or a crayon. Be sure to only outline your face with the hairline surrounding your temples and forehead region. This will help you know how your face has been shaped up and you can then, relate it to the above mentioned tips and Enjoy a new look!


Your hair defines your beauty and what can enhace it further is a hair style that suits your facecut.

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