Water overrated

Water is a necessity there is no doubt about that. Water is a key to human survival. However, to say eight is the miracle number when it comes to water is a myth.

Skin beauty has been directly associated with water intake, so has clear skin. Water is important to keep us hydrated, after all, 80% of our body is water. Skin gets hydrated in the process too.

If you want to look your best and water is all you are having then you need to wake up. Water is good, don’t get me wrong but your skin needs more effort from you. Exfoliate your skin regularly and cleanse too.

For your insides water is the best drink but for your skin wash your face with water as often as possible.

Keep drinking water! But don’t stop at that. Your skin needs more from you than just that.

Keep drinking water! But don't stop at that. Your skin needs more from you then just that.

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