UV Gel Manicure Leads To Skin Cancer

Nothing can look better than clean and well-maintained fingernails. In order to keep them well maintained Regular manicures are needed that will enhance the health of fingernails. They would also promote faster growth and will maintain well moisturized cuticles. Along with this a manicure has certain benefits too.

A good manicure cleans and shapes the nails, which is very important as it keeps the nails healthy and strong. During a manicure the dead cells of hands are removed and this helps to improve circulation and stimulate the blood flow through our hands. A manicure may include painting the nails but it is not the case always.

Now a day’s new methods of manicure like Gel manicures have become very popular. This is due to their ability of lasting for a longer time without chipping. The only problem with these is that a gel nail polish cannot be removed easily but many people have chosen nail paint is as an easier alternative to the older and traditional nail polish. A new problem that has arisen for the gel manicures is from according the Skin Cancer Foundation, as a new study of them says that there might be more serious reasons to think again on our perseverance to choose the gel manicures.

As the nail technicians and anyone other who has tried out a gel manicure would know that in order to seal the nail polish on to the nail, UV emitting devices are used. Due to this use of UV emitting devices a new question arose that how safe is it to use these UV devices frequently? Vice President Elizabeth K. Hale confirmed in a statement released by the Skin Care Foundation, what many of the technicians and people already suspected that UV-emitting nail lamps can be a source of producing cancer in human beings.

Although according to Hale the chances of getting skin cancer from gel manicures are “very low” but they are not small enough to ignore them completely. According to the statement the greatest risk is for the squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), that is the second most common among all types of skin cancer. Hale further said that the chronic UV exposure is the main cause of SCC and this exposure is very common to the hands and around the fingernails in a gel manicure. Hence he stated that gel manicures could be a source of cancer for the hands.

Now coming to that what should be done about this problem? How to avoid these kinds of exposures and prevent SCC? Well there is no need to panic even If someone among you has become habituated to getting gel manicures regularly, yet there are ways to protect their hands from skin cancer and keep off the dangers like SCC away from them. The solution to this was presented by the Skin Cancer Foundation as it recommends the application of sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher to your hands repeatedly throughout the day.

This will not only protect your hands from skin cancer but alongside it would also prevent wrinkles, and brown spots and other signs of aging that are associated with UV exposure and will help you look fresh and young. The other option that can be employed is the use of anti-UV gloves that are specifically made for the UV lamps used in gel manicures.

The quality of these gloves is that they are coated in anti-UV cotton which helps to protect your hands from the direct UV exposure during a gel manicure.

Manicure is one of the methods to take care of hands and especially fingernails in summer. Check out the general benefits of manicures and most importantly on the gel manicure’s problem and the ways to overcome them.

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