Use Of Cosmetics When You Have Acne

You have acne and like every other girl you still want to use cosmetics for looking different, for that you need to follow some cosmetics tips for acne. Make a personal cosmetic guide which includes the cosmetics and products that suit you and that suit your skin; those which you can use with acne.

Not all of us know that actually cosmetics aggravate acne, but to cover those breakouts girls use make up. It’s simple that if you want to use acne then follows some cosmetics tips for acne that would not cause acne to worsen. Have you ever noticed that acne is usually at areas you use make up that is cheeks and forehead? We also need to understand that cosmetics don’t just mean makeup. Anything that contains is “non-comedogenic” is recommended for those who have acne.

Simple cosmetics tips for acne are:

  1. Anything that penetrates oil into your pores is bad for your skin and causes acne. The cosmetic guide says that not all cosmetic oils aggravate acne; some include natural oils and products such as petroleum products, mineral oil and sunflower oil which do not penetrate into your pores. Another point that the cosmetics guide highlights is that products that say “oil-free” generally contains oils that do not penetrate skin so they are best to use for those who suffer acne.
  2. All the ladies who want cosmetics guide for acne and they also get attracted to fragrances need to know that these are the cause of major irritant reactions on the face. Even products that are unscented might contain some scent to mask the smell of other ingredients added. It’s one of the best cosmetic tips that before you buy any cosmetics make sure it is “fragrance-free” or “hypo-allergenic”. Another tip is to try products behind your ear to know if they suit you or not.
  3. While you use blush and shadow; make sure they are without too much shimmer. The tiny particles they contain in these cosmetics are surely not suitable for acne.
  4. This cosmetic tip for acne is very important; the eye products we use usually contain more oil, grease and moisture. So heavy eye creams and oily make up removers can cause acne in the neighbouring areas such as cheeks, temples and forehead.
  5. Special cosmetic guide include the most important tip for times when you style your hair with all the fancy hair styling products, they include alcohol, adhesives and oils. So if you are prone to acne, be careful while you style your hair, the skin should be protected from such hair styling products.
  6. When you exercise you sweat, and those who are prone to acne, their skin can react to sweat and acne can be aggravated, to avoid clogging or irritation always wash your face after exercise, or exfoliate and use a good cleanser.

Another oily cosmetic that we use is on our lips, so avoid oily products to be used on the lips, these products might cause acne around the lip area.

The cosmetics tips for acne are simple and easy to remember and follow; the main idea is to have steered clear skin and for that you need to follow some rules for a clean beauty routine.

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