Use of Cosmetics on Eid

Everyone is anxiously waiting for eid day; especially it’s a special occasion for females.

Everyone wants to be looked different. Mostly, ladies often go to parlor for styling hairs, facials and all that stuff. But it’s more reliable and better if we know the use of cosmetics by our own self.  Without having knowledge about, how to use cosmetics it would be difficult to get yourself groomed. On Eid, buy quick and simple cosmetics that can keep you fresh and ever green at the end of the day. Try to keep your makeup natural. For this, you should know tricks of use of cosmetics on eid.

Cosmetic brands available in Pakistan
L’Oréal exclusively presented their Spring/Summer 2011 collection in cosmetics in Pakistan through an innovative style show, ‘Summer Fantasy’ – a translation of the global beauty and fashion trends of the season by Nabila and Zain Mustafa with Hair by L’Oréal Professional and Make Up by L’Oréal Paris.
The dual ended applicator helps you to easily create the eye looks you want. Use the wider side to cover the eye area in shadow and the pointed end to apply the liner shade.
MAC Cosmetics available in Pakistan has a wide range of products including MAC Blush (including their MAC Barbie Blush range), MAC Lipstick, and their legendary MAC Brushes, MAC eye liners and eye palettes and much more.
The products are created especially for South Asian skin tones
Diana of London
There are various product categories containing gloss, pearl, matte to creamy, soft to firm clear contours, water proof to heat resistant
Etude cosmetics are made with White Tea Extracts and botanical.
It deals in color cosmetics, fragrances, nail care, skin care, hair care and personal care products.
Tips to use cosmetics on eid
On Eid, a light makeup cosmetics in morning should look great, dramatic overdone makeup would make you look like a pastry. Start by putting on foundation with a sponge, blending it from the center, outwards, into the hairline and neck. You can set your foundation with loose powder and a large cosmetics brush. Apply a compact powder. For application, take a large fluffy brush or a powder puff and wipe it over the compact powder.
Apply a light eye shadows to enhance your eyes. Don’t uses shiny or too darker shade on day time this summer eid, as it’s also a summer. Apply a waterproof mascara and eyeliner to give glamorous look. Again proper use of cosmetics will enhance your personality. Lip sticks and lip gloss, have important place in makeup cosmetics. But right use of these cosmetic is an important thing. Define luscious lips with a lip liner similar to your own lip color. On this eid, Keep lips moisturized at night with lip balm or traditional petroleum jelly.
Now you are done with your eid makeup. Apply your favorite perfume. At the end, Last but not the least, right choose of cosmetic according to your skin type will be 1st step to your make over world. Avery important thing is while buying your cosmetics doesn’t compromise on cosmetics quality.
Have a glowing Eid Day!!

Cosmetics must be used to recover your overall look, not overwhelm you. On Eid, buy quick and simple cosmetics that can keep you fresh and ever green at the end of the day.

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