Use of Artificial Eye Lashes in Summer

This year from all inspirational makeup trends artificial eye lashes will be in lead lovingly. The ivory shimmery foundations, rosiest & peach blushes, pinky nude lips and fluttering artificial eyelashes are the choice of makeup trend setters this year.

Eyes look exceptionally stunning with artificial eyelashes. And no doubt the one of secrets of beauty behind the gorgeous models on ramps and magazines are artificial eyelashes. 

Summer Eye fashion 2012 is quite different from winters. Come back lighter shades for eyes from dark Smokey eyes in summer eye fashion 2012.

There are many different kind of eye lashes are available in market, which giving natural to dramatic effects. Full strip lashes to three quarter lip lashes all are perfect for glamorous look. However for brides and parties the latest trend of glitter eye lashes is really interesting in summer 2012 eye fashion. Not only glitter but these lashes are also available with artificial crystals. Whimsical Eyelashes are another preferably choice of summer eye fashion 2012. Lower eye lashes also create special magnificent look of eyes.

Wearing artificial eyelashes is an art. It is not a difficult task and not such as you need professional for it, you may apply in at home but it includes some tips and tricks to wear artificial lashes,

The simple ways to wear eye lashes:

  • If you find your eye lashes wider than your eyes trim them and match with the size of your eyes length.
  • Don’t directly put eye lashes glue to the lashes, squeeze the glue on your hands and put the upper part of lashes on it.
  • With the help of tweezers put eye lashes nearer to your original lash line.
  • Press from start to end and hold it for some seconds.
  • You are done and have applied your lashes beautifully.

How to remove artificial eye lashes:

  • Before sleep must remove the artificial eyelashes with eye lashes remover.
  • Another way to remove artificial eyelashes is wet cotton cloth.
  • Then apply a eye cream on your eyes.

So glamorous girls, design your eye makeup with latest eye lashes trend in summer 2012.

Artificial eye lashes are becoming very popular in eye fashion especially this year in summer eye fashion fake eye lashes will be in the lead of latest eye fashion trends.

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