Types of Lipstick and its Usage

Lipstick is a beauty enhancer. It is an important part of whole makeup look. An attractive pair of lips is tempting and gives you more attractive and beautiful look. You can use different type of lipstick according to your mood and lips shape.

Colors used for lip makeup need to be chosen very carefully. There is wide range of different colors of lipsticks are available, you can go for a lighter shade to get a natural look or some bold shade for more dramatic look. There are different types of lipstick product available in market so you can choose the best one according to your taste and need. As each product contains different effects and characteristics.

Here we are listed down some types of lipsticks that are available now.

Types of Lipstick and its UsageCreamy lipstick: Creamy lipstick will give you more beautiful, smooth, satiny feel look. They are very popular as it contains properties of both mate and glossy lips. It gives your lips the hint of shine, it is easy to wear. But still it has some dying effects, so make sure to hydrate your lips before applying it for best results.

Types of Lipstick and its UsageLip satin: Lip satin is the newest form in lipstick list. It will give you more glossy finish. It will provide light sheen to your lips. Lip satin will gives you more shiny and glossy look. They dry out faster than the other lip products. It will give you more long lasting results. But it might dry your lips too. So when you are going to apply satin lip color, you have to moisturize and exfoliate your lips daily.

Types of Lipstick and its UsageMatte lipstick: Matte lipstick usually comes in bright and dark shades. It is the perfect choice of women’s who are looking for colorful and nice shades. Your lips will look more smoother and younger with matte lipsticks. There are usually very little moisturizing properties in matte lipstick so if you want to apply it then your lips must be hydrated.

Types of Lipstick and its UsageLong wearing: Long lasting lipstick is long wearing lipsticks. It will not leave any mark on clothes, cups or cheeks. It will give you complete look, it will last all day and usually you need make-up remover to remove it. Some long lasting lipsticks has dry effect which is not good for your lips but still there is some long wearing lipsticks are available that contain moisturizer to combat this problem. 

Types of Lipstick and its UsageSheer lipstick: This is the perfect option for daily use. It gives more moist and natural look. It contain some oil ingredient which gives you more strong look and as it has some oil components you can reapply it many times.

Types of Lipstick and its UsagePearl and frosted lipstick: Pearl lipstick is like glossy lipstick as it gives you more glossy and sparkling look. On other hand Frosted lipstick gives you more shiny effect on your lips. But by applying it your lips feel heavy, crack and dry. So it is not good for daily use.

Types of Lipstick and its UsageLip gloss: Lip gloss is a liquid formula. It gives you instant shine and add glam to your lips. But it has less staying power then lipstick. So you need to reapply it after every few hours.

Types of Lipstick and its UsageLip tints: It is like lip balm, it will give you more natural look. If you don’t like wearing too much makeup then surely it is best for you. It will make you lips feel more light weighted.

6 Useful Lipstick Hacks That Every Beginner Should KnowLip liner: Lip liner or lip pencil is something which is used to make the outline of lips. It enhances the overall lips shape and gives your lips more highlighted look. Always try the lip liner color which is near to your lipstick color as when they mix together.it will give your lips complete look.

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