Two Tone Wedges Shoes

When we talk about shoe, the first thing that strikes in our mind is that only wear fashionable shoes. Shoe fashion keeps on changing and some new styles come out that becomes a hit. Talking about, two tone wedges shoes they are the hottest fashion trend of the summer. It is the trendy footwear of the summer season.

In Pakistan, the woman is very conscious about footwear they know what is the latest trend and wedges are the trend of this year. The two tone wedge shoes look very classy and chic and the shoe is very comfortable with a heel.

Two tone wedges shoes, are most commonly worn with miniskirts but in Pakistan there is no trend of wearing a mini skirt as the religion doesn’t permit to wear clothes those clothes that reveals our body.

Wedge heels are the easiest shoes for summer because heels are very comfortable. Two tone wedges shoes were also the hottest trend of the 70’s, every model and elite class woman were seen wearing it.

Two tone wedges shoes also comes in the boots form they look very elegant and versatile in the winter season.

If we talk about two tone wedges shoes, then firstly let’s talk about the color block trend in wedges. Color block is the use of mixing up of colors in one design. Now days the definition of two tone wedge shoes is that it upper should be of one color and the heel should of other color but both the colors should have contrast.

Two tone wedges shoes which now available also consist of designs which have black lines in them or we can also say that there are stripes of two colors. Such some two tone wedges shoes consist of color like red and black stripes. These shoes look really funky and give a pleasant effect to the eyes. These types of wedges grab the attention of other people and these shoes look more attractive.

Two tone wedge shoes give a very casual feeling and at the same time they are a good choice for summer wear. The two tone wedge shoes have much style in them. In Pakistan you can find good designs in wedges, some have leather straps with brown wedges.

There is too much option in two tone wedge shoes, if you don’t prefer wearing pumps wedges than go for summer flat wedges. Moreover the new style in pump two tone wedge shoes is that that the heel part is in red color and the upper part is of black color that gives a rich look to the feet. If you don’t wear pump wedges than try to wear ankle strap two tone wedge shoes. Some two tone wedge shoes have straps which are adjustable and older woman can easily wear it.

In Pakistan, there are many international brands which have their stores here such as Next, Mango, Debenhams and Monsoon. They all have a nice pair of two tone wedge shoes they have the latest designs too, so woman go and grab the latest two tone wedge shoes from there. There are also some wedges which are two tone and they also have embellishments on it such as same motif in the centre of the shoe and they look good and they can be worn on night functions.  

There are also some local brands like Metro, ECS and stylo which have introduced new designs in two tone wedge shoes. Their designs are amazing and many women are seen wearing it.

Wedges are the hottest footwear and this summer every woman will be wearing it because women follow the latest fashion.

Shoe fashion also changes like clothes fashion. The new fashion trend in shoes is two tone wedge heels. This is a new style and now in Pakistan woman is wearing this type of some as it has a level of comfort and it looks stylish.

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