Tricks To Make Cellulite Disappear

You might have noticed a lumpy substance on your thighs, stomach or butts that look like stretched marks. Those lumpy substances are called cellulites. Cellulites are caused by the accumulation of fats beneath the connective tissues that stretches the skin and makes it look ugly.

Cellulites are most common in post pubertal females. Cellulites are rarely found in men and the maincause of cellulites in men is the deficiency of androgen. Cellulites are also caused by the estrogen therapy done to prostate cancer. Mainly cellulites are caused by hormonal factors, genetic factors, dieting, changes in metabolism or physiology, alteration of connective tissues, the microcirculatory system and subtle inflammatory alterations. Hence, here are some tips to make cellulites disappear:


There are creams available in the market that can help cellulite disappear maximum up to eight hours. Those creams are called firming creams. The reason of being their effective in nature is that they have caffeine and hyaluronic acid in it. Many multinational brands are also introducing firming creams now for people who have cellulite on their bodies.


Mostwomen are conscious about the way they look so, they have come up with shocking tricks that make cellulite disappear for maximum eight hours. The reason behind this trick is to enjoy the sun on the beach wearing a bikini or model for different brands. The trick is to first apply self-tan lotion on the area affected by cellulite and then cover your whole body by mist tan spray. These two layers will not only protect the celluliteaffected area from the sun but also make it invisible.


Massage is the best way to make the skin smooth and glowing. It is recommended by many famous dermatologists. A proper massage improves blood circulation which ultimately makes the skin plump and smooth. The massage trick can make cellulite disappear for several days. Massage should be done in such a way that includes applying body scrub on the body first followed by body oil by any brand. The massage should be done in back and forth motions. Apply pressure on your skin with the help of hand palms and fingers.


It’s a proven fact that muscles help a lot to make cellulite invisible. So a regular exercise must do the job. Even if you don’t want a muscular body, make it to your habit to do exercise every day. The best exercise is to bend and then stick out your butt and hold this position for three seconds. Repeat this exercise thrice a week and it will help to make cellulite disappear.


Another popular trick of hiding cellulite is to apply base of darker tone on your whole body after apply moisturizer. This will help to hide cellulite.

Fruits, vegetables and proteins

People who have cellulite on their bodies should consume lean proteins such as fish, lean beef, chicken, eggs and soya bean. It will increase body metabolism and also improve blood circulation. Eating fruits and vegetables will decrease body calories that will ultimately make cellulite disappear.

You might have noticed a lumpy substance on your thighs, stomach or butts that look like stretched marks. Those lumpy substances are called cellulites. Cellulites are most common in post pubertal females but are rarely found in men. Hence, here are some t

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