Trendy Summer Outfits for a Perfect Girl!

Summer is that time of the year when we all go for less flashy clothing with minimal embellishments, loose fittings and cool colors so as to beat the heat. Summer outfits are not only fun to wear but teaming them up with different accessories is a fun thing to do too.

  • Checks and Stripes

Checks and stripes are the latest obsession in fashion for summer outfits. Girls are just going mad with funky tops and even pants that have printed checks and stripes for summer outfits. These are great patterns for not only eastern wear but western wear too. In Pakistan, this trend in summer outfits is as popular as it is in the rest of the world.

In western wear, people are looking for casual tops in stripes and checks which are easily available at popular stores like Outfitters, Riverstone, Breakout and Crossroads in Pakistan. They are a very affordable and comfortable fashion to follow for 2011 in summer outfits. While, in eastern wear, people are preferring tapered pants, capris and choori daar pajamas in checks and stripes and they look extremely cute checks and stripes for summer outfits especially in colors of  fresh yellow, bright green, romantic fuchsia, cool blues and much more.

  • Pretty Scarves

Unlike last few years, the trends of teaming up scarves with summer outfits have risen considerably. Colorful scarves of light materials like lawn, chiffons and silks really make the summer outfits look great. In fact, in summer, where the all the time favorite color is white for many, colorful and trendy scarves certainly make their own style statement with white may they be worn on western summer outfits or eastern summer outfits.

You can be as creative and innovative with different scarf designs and prints as much as you want. They are an extremely affordable fashion for summer outfits and you can get them made for yourself from a local tailor if you don’t want them to buy from high street fashion stores and designers.

Moreover, you can put cute tassels, funky ribbons and other such embellishments on them to make them look more appealing as a part of your summer outfits.

  • Cropped Jackets and Boleros

Indeed this year the trends in summer outfits are very much influenced by the winter trends and they don’t look odd at all rather they are a good break in otherwise typical trends for summer outfits.

Cropped jackets and boleros are perfect pieces for summer outfits for a great weekend look or a night out with friends as they look too chic and stylish. For summer outfits, they have been specially designed by different clothing companies to be made up of lighter materials so they are comfortable and wearable in hot summer months. In fact, now many designers are experimenting with boleros and coming up with designs that make them a wearable fashion in eastern summer outfits too.

So, look out for these top three cool and casual fashion trends in summer outfits this year and make your own style statement by being as creative as you want with these friendly, wearable and affordable summer outfits fashion trends.

Summer is that time of the year when we all go for less flashy clothing with minimal embellishments, loose fittings and cool colors so as to beat the heat.

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