Trend Tuesday: Valentines Up Your Look

Valentines 2015 is almost here and many of you are probably planning out your way to look your best. The look you’ll create has to take on different aspects and just as much as it makes you look beautiful, it must also make you feel it from the inside! Don’t worry ladies, there is plenty of time for you to prepare and rock whatever look you’ll create.

Here’s a short guide to making sure your hair, eyeshadow, eyeliner and nail polish are on point and in sync with this Valentines romance, because you’re worth it!

Run your fingers through them, let them down or tie them up in a bun, every girl needs a good hair day on Valentines.     

"Help! My hair’s flat and lifeless, even after washing and drying; I can’t get any volume into it!" is what most women say on the daily.

Don’t you worry, we have the solutions to your flat hair, and it’s not all about building up more and more products in it… Are you ready for big, beautiful hair?     
It all starts with the wash. Using a voluminous shampoo and conditioner will strengthen your hair.

Don’t apply conditioner every time (try a hair oil instead) and always spritz some heat protectant before drying. By blowdrying your hair with your head upside down, you can give your hair an instant boost! When it comes to styling, apply a voluminous spray when drying, and use a comb to very gently tease your hair from the roots.

Make your eyes pop with iridescent eyeshadow and bat those lashes for your Valentine magic!        

Iridescent eyeshadows are great for creating multi-tonal smoky eyes. Their intense pigmentation means they’re high-impact, but need careful application in order to avoid uneven distribution. How should you be applying your shimmery shadow? We have the answer!

When working with multiple colours and blending, it’s a good idea to start with an eyeshadow primer as a base. Then, when it comes to the actual application, instead of using a sponge, use a small but soft eyeshadow brush.

If your eyeshadow is powdery, hold a tissue under your eye to avoid the particles falling onto your skin. If the product is creamy, however, be aware that lines may form on the crease of your eyelid, so bring your eyeshadow with you for occasional touch-ups.

Try the fabulous Colour Riche Eyeshadow Quads by L’Oreal Paris; available in smokey shades.

Smokey eyes

Eyeliner: so many to choose from! 

Eyeliner is one of those do-it-all beauty products every girl should get familiar with! Whether you simply want to define your eyes or, alternatively, add high drama to an evening look- eyeliner is a must-have in every beauty bag! Whatever look you’re hoping to achieve, there’s an eyeliner to help you get there! But how to choose?

  • For natural definition or a product that you can smudge out/blend, opt for a kohl eyeliner pencil.
  • For clean lines that will stay put all day, opt for a liquid or gel liner.

Try L’Oreal’s amazing Super Liner Mat Matic; available in 3 shades.

Eye liner

Red is the Valentines colour after all so why not jazz up your nails with the red of your choice?

Every girl should have at least one bottle of red nail polish in her beauty bag. Why? Because there’s so much variety! Whether it be a fire-engine red, a bright pop of raspberry, or a deep Bordeaux , red is a versatile colour that suits any occasion.

What’s your favourite shade? There’s no colour that says FUN more that a cherry red. Play with different nail art effects, such as white ladybird spots, for a quirky look.

Deep reds are not only seductive but actually also very effective for a take-me-seriously look at work. And, of course, there’s no better colour to wear on a first date than bright red nails! To be just a little bit different from everybody else, try an ombré effect on your nails using dark-to-light shades.

Try the Essie red this Valentines with these tender-loving shades:

Valintiness nails shades



Valentines 2015 is almost here and many of you are probably planning out your way to look your best.

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