Top 2015 Bridal Makeup Tips and Tricks

It is every girl’s dream to have a memorable wedding. After all you only have one wedding which has its charm. Those who marry and remarry do not know the meaning of love and marriage. Vibrant colors, decorated surroundings, friends, family, relatives etc. They all are the things that make people so eager to get married. It’s not every day that you get to make a bond with someone and vow to spend your entire life with them.

The fashion industry has always been of great influence in our lives and is strengthening its roots. The concept of natural beauty has been put in the shade and the marketing techniques manufacturers use these days make people believe that they are not good enough the way they are and are supposed to wear makeup and cosmetics to look good.

Amongst all the maidens one sees at weddings the most eye catching is obviously the bride. Nobody wants to take the spot light away as after all it’s her special day. Bridal make up and apparel varies with time and season. Nowadays bridal dresses come in dark, bright and vibrant colors and so does the makeup.

Blood red lop color has always been a symbol of attractiveness as most of us have seen in real life and in commercials and other media. Cherry red lips, rosy cheeks, eye makeup, nail paints and what not. The list goes on and on.


Many girls are unaware of the fact that how much makeup is important for a bride or in some cases they use makeup for the first time on their wedding day therefore, they do not have the right idea of what type of make is in these days and how can they look glamorous just by keeping in view few minor things. Here is a quick round up of all the top makeup tips and tricks for brides this season.

Climate Control

Climate plays a key role in one’s makeup therefore use the makeup according to the weather and climate. Consider using oil free beauty product as much as possible if the wedding is taking place in summers, as it will not smudge and destroy your makeup due to sweating.

Waterproof Makeup

Water proof makeup is the best option when it comes to weddings. It doesn’t smudge, it doesn’t spread and it is not affected by the weather conditions as well.

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Just a little more than Ordinary

Try applying makeup a little more than you usually do as it will make you look good in the pictures otherwise you will end up having dull wedding pictures.

Get Hydrated

If you want a perfect makeup on your wedding day, start moisturizing your skin as it will help in settling your makeup in place for a longer time.

False Eye Lashes

False eye lashes is a must for brides, as it gives the perfect glamorous touch to your entire look. It not only enhances the beauty of your eyes but also makes your makeup look classy.

eye makeup

Eye Shadow Premier

Eye shadow premier keeps your eyes liner and eye shadow smudge-free and keeps it in place.


It is very important to apply blush on the right place. It is simple and easy trick, just simple and apply the blush over the apples of your cheeks and there you have the right look.

Touch up Kit

Do not forget to keep the touch up makeup products in your hand bag. It will make your makeup last longer. A face powder and a gloss is a must.

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Change? Not a Good Idea

If you are thinking of getting you hair color changed or getting a tan look, then think over it before you try it. Try being yourself instead of trying new things, this can turn into a disaster if the new look doesn’t suite you.

Avoid wedding day disasters just by going through these simple and easy tips and trick and save the day!

Do you want to look best bride this season? Here are few amazing tips and trick that will give you a gorgeous look.

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