Top 11 Beauty Tips for New Year

Wish to look as pretty as possible this year? Then follow these instructions and beauty tips which will change your world. Here are the ideas to guide you about what you can do to make your skin, hair, nails etc. healthier and better. It is time to schedule your new skin care routine for this New Year. Here is a list of suggestions that you should follow regarding your beauty.

1. Clean Makeup Brushes

Many of you don’t bother giving attention to your makeup brushes which could be fatal for your skin. Start making a routine to clean your brushes once after every two weeks or once every week if you can take out time.

2. SPF Moisturizers ONLY

Buy moisturizers that contains SPF whether its winter or summer, your skin needs protection from harmful rays, surely you don’t want to look 15 years older before the time.

3. Beauty Dare


Try a new look every month, it is easy and simple. Just go for a bold look, or a red lip color or maybe a new hair piece. Surprise your man and people around you just by adding up a little thing in your look.

4. Give your Hair a Break

Hair care

We know it is hard to stay away from your hair straightener and curling rod but it is time to give your hair a little break from all these gadgets. Get regular trimming, oiling and deep conditioning therapies so that you can get a perfect hair line. Avoid using hair dryer as it takes away all the natural moisture from your hair.

5. Say Good Bye to your Bad Habits

no smoking

We all have our a lot of good but a few bad habits as well, so with this new year, try to say good bye to your bad habits, especially if you wish to look your best. Say no to smoking as it damages your skin, whereas, drinking is a source of dehydrating your body which means bad skin and hair line. So try to get rid of these things.

6. Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep

Use an eye mask if you have problem sleeping. Get a 9 hours proper sleep daily as restless night sleep can cause a hell lot of damage to your skin and health.

7. Soak In

drink water

Like you need to know this? But still it is worth repeating again and again. Drink as much water as you can if you want to look glamorous and beautiful. Water is not only important for making your skin glow but it also makes your hair healthier.

8. Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet

Your daily diet mattes when it comes to your over all look. If you eat well, you look good. Try to eat healthy food items like fruits, vegetables and nuts etc. Go for the food that is rich in iron, calcium and protein as all these things helps in making you look younger and prettier.

9. Eye Care

Eye Care

Your eyes are the most sensitive area of your body, treat it with care and soft hands while cleansing and scrubbing.

10. Avoid Picking


Make a habit of not picking eye mascara from your eye lids as it damages them and most of times get plucked. Likewise try not to pinch your zits as it will only make it worse and will leave a mark afterwards.

11. Softer Lips

Softer Lips

If you want softer and lovely lips, then rub off the dry skin using a damp warm cloth and apply a layer of lip balm over your lips afterwards.

Here are the top beauty tips for you, this New Year. Follow these and get the best look possible.

Enhance your beauty this NEW YEARS EVE. Tips that will make you look sexy, graceful and gorgeous!

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