Top 10 Winter Bridal Dresses 2015

Well the most loved seasons of all, winters is here and we all can already hear the wedding bells ringing. Being a bride is so not an easy task and deciding what to wear is even worse.

If you think you are messed up and you cannot figure out what to wear here are some of the most amazing winter bridal dresses that will totally blow your mind away or if you are a wedding planner and you have no idea what to suggest your bride to be, this is something you must refer to.

But before that you need to see what would suit you according to your physique and budget. Moreover the theme of the wedding matters the most.

1. Maxi Dress:

Maxi never goes out of fashion, it is frequently being wore by Brides in East and West both regions because of its classy style and sleek look.

sexy wedding dresses

It is best for women with slender physique and tall height. Maxi can be worn in different style according to your comfort.

2. Saree:


A saree is a style for brides, especially from Asia, which makes them look very graceful and elegant. It consists of a drape and its fall gives a very nice look as you walk.

3. Ghagra:

bridal dresses

If you want to make your wedding more traditional and unique, Ghagra is the best option for you. It is an origin from Lacknow, which makes you look traditionally classy. It gives quite a dramatic look when you walk as it has pair of two-legged pants which has flares. You can wear it with both long length shirt and short shirt as well.

4. Lehenga:


It is a type of skirt, best for brides due to its glamorous outlook. It makes you look thin and in a good shape. Lehenga with fine embroidery looks amazing on any Bride.

5. Open Shirt with Ghagra:

pakistani bridal dresses

Recently, ghagra with open shirt is high in fashion. It looks lovely on brides as it makes the typical ghagra looks stylish and attractive.

6. Tail Gown:

bridal dress

Gowns got out of fashion for a while but it recently got into fashion again and it is the best for brides as it is easier to carry and looks exquisite.

Tail Gown is another very stylish option for a bride to be. It is designed as long length from back and short form front. It gives quite a royal look because of the back tail.

7. Frock with Lehenga:

pakistani wedding dresses

Long flared frock with a lehenga is another option for winter brides. Its flared look makes you look fabulous and it is easy to carry as a bride. The lehenga can be pain or embroidered depending on your requirement.

8. Frock with Churidar Pajama:


It is liked by many brides because of its unique and traditional style. It gives a very elegant look to a bride and it is very comfortable as compared to other dresses, easy to wear and easy to carry.

9. Patiala Shalwar with Short Shirt:

Patiala Shalwar

It is a very traditional dress and it is mostly wore and liked by Punjabi brides, therefore a heavily embroidered shalwar and shirt is a very idea for a Punjabi bride.

10. Angrakha Style:

designer wedding dresses

This is basically a style from Mughal era and it is best for brides who want to look traditional yet royal. This style of shirt and frock, both are equally stylish and can be wore with a lehenga, plazo and churidar pajama as well.


Fabric of the dress is very important as every fabric gives the dress a different and unique look. Most brides completely ignore the importance of the fabric which makes them suffer later on. The best fabrics that could be used for a bridal dress in winters is velvet, jamawar and raw silk but usually brides prefer shafoon whether it’s summer or winters.

Sleeves Length:

Long churri-dar sleeves are perfect for brides because they keep your arms covered and make them look thin and smart. Sleeveless dresses are totally out of fashion, whereas three-quarter sleeves are preferred to wear.

Are you to be a bride? And looking for an ultimate and exclusive bridal dresses. Take a look at new ideas and styles of this year!

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