Tips to Take Care of your Hands and Nails

A women’s beauty is judged by her hands and feet, therefore, it is very important to take special care of your hands and nails especially. They are the most sensitive part of your body as well as the parts that are used most excessively.

As we all know that winters are here, which undoubtedly the most awaited season of all, but we all shouldn’t forget that with winters comes the most extensive list of skin problem, as the cold air makes your skin dry, taking away all the moisture from your skin. In case of hands and nails, they are the most exposed parts of your body even in winters because you cannot keep them covered for a very long time.

Most women are not in favor of the professional manicure to take care of their hands and nails. There is a good reason for not letting them do so as; it costs lots of money, and they can’t take as good care of them as you can yourself. Another problem is that there are very few good manicures, most of them will send you home with a shiny polish that would make you think that they did a brilliant job and then in a day or two you will see them ending up with sore hangnails or perhaps the beginning of tiny corns at either end of the nails.

The former would be the result of free use of the scissors around the cuticle, whereas the later would be accounted the fault of the little knife with which the skin lining of the nail is not removed properly. On the other hand most women give the excuse of not getting time to go to a spa for a proper manicure, whereas some could not afford the expenses of it, but now you would not have to spend your money, in fact you would not have to go out for a manicure because there are some exquisite tips that would not only make your hands prettier but will also take few minutes and no money at all.So here are the tips for prettier hands at little expense;

• Remove Extra Layers:

skin care tips in urdu

Firstly, take nail lacquer and move any nail color applied on your nails previously. If there is not nail color or shiner applied on your nails then do not use the nail polish remover.

• Luke Warm Water:

hand care

Take Luke warm water and add some natural oil in it along with a pinch of salt and few drops of hand wash. Keep in account that the water is not too hot or icy cold as it makes your skin dry taking away the sebum. Adding oil would make your skin soft and smooth as it the best way of moisturizing your skin. Dip your hands for few minutes in that water.

• Soft Cloth:

soft cloth

Take a soft cloth and after dipping your hands in that warm water, clean your cuticles gently with that cloth because if the cuticles are dry and torn, any manicure will look old.

• Nail Cutting:

nail cutting

Get a nail cutter and cut your nails properly in u-shape.

• Lemon Juice:

lemon juice for nails

Take some lemon juice in a bowl and dip your hands in that juice for 5 minutes. This will give shine to your nails and will make your skin glow. You can also use some garlic extract or use for applying it on the nail tips; this would make your nails hard and shiny.

• Moisturizing Lotion:

hand Moisturizer

Apply some lotion on your hands and then take a soaked warm cloth and cover your hands with that wet warm cloth. This will make your skin refreshed after wards.

• Final Touches:

In the end, buff your nails or apply a nail color of your choice.

Above mentioned tips would give you prettier and softer hand and would make everyone wonder that, the secret behind it. Lastly, don’t forget to apply a moisturizing lotion after every hand wash.

Hands and nails are the most important part of the body and needs special care. So this winter take good care of them.

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