Tips To Stop Eye Twitching

You sometimes hate it when your eye starts to contract or start blinking hard on its own especially when you are in a meeting or at places where it can make you feel awkward all of a sudden. Eye twitching is a common problem where eye muscles start contracting automatically. Some useful tips to control eye twitching are following:

  • Acknowledge the severity of the problem. Eye twitching may come about even after two to three days and can even disappear on its own. The problem of a twitching eye can often become extremely severe that the complete eye might open and close at the same time.
  • The first step to control eye twitching is to relax and then skilfully eliminate the stress in your daily life if you are experiencing any at that time. Eye twitching becomes severe if you panic immediately.
  • Limit the amount of caffeine from your daily routine. It has been observed that caffeine intake can aggravate the problem of eye twitching. Thus, one needs to cut down on its usage.
  • Lack of sleep can often become the cause of eye twitching. Besides that, frequent rest to the eyes needs to be given while doing work on computer. Relax your eyes with two slices of cucumber every day when you have work load that needs to be finished on the computer. Thus might eye in alleviating eye twitching.
  •  If you are at home, grannies often recommend compressing the twitching eye and gently massage your eye lids with the warm piece of cloth. This helps in the relaxation of the eye muscles and thus reduces the twitching of the eye within no time.
  • There are other remedies for controlling eye twitching is to go for eye acupressure. This point is located under the pupil, next to temples and on the eyebrows as well. Never press it with a hard object or eye twitching may become worse. Thus, it helps in a few minutes.
  • In case, eye twitching becomes so severe that it doesn’t stop, consult an eye specialist in that case. Topical eye drops which are antihistamines can slow down the eye twitching before going for further treatment to stop it completely.
  • The last resort is Botox injections available these days to control eye twitching for people where it doesn’t stop by applying these remedies.

Mostly, the eye twitching is temporary and goes on its own therefore you don’t need to worry about it too much. Rarely, t becomes severe and gives a signal of harm.

Eye twitching is a common phenomenon. Realize the severity of the spasm first and then go for the solution. Touching acupressure points is the best way to control eye twitching.

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