Tips How to Look after your Feet in Monsoon

Monsoon is basically known as a season of romance with the combination of fun evenings. Monsoon brings a lot of rain and to get wet in rain and enjoy every little moment of it, is everyone’s wish.

As it’s ok to be on cloud nine with the monsoon madness. But monsoon also brought moisture, sweat and stickiness along with humidity. Monsoon is on its full swing but it comes with so many diseases. So one need to take care of their beauty needs. It’s not about just paying attention to your skincare rituals and hair care basics, but also your feet needs to be taken care of, as feet is something which is being most exposed during the rainy season. And this may become the reason of smelly feet’s, fungal infection and various kinds of allergies.

So one need to pay more attention towards their feet’s during monsoon season to keep them clean and beautiful. But no need to worry as monsoon beauty problems can be avoided by taking some simple care. Here we listed down some key points which are surely going to help you in this monsoon season to keep your feet clean and beautiful.


ExfoliateUse foot scrub for massage as it will soften your feet and help in removing the dead skin from your feet’s. Because dead skin cells harder the feet skin and become the reason of foot cracks. By doing so this will keep your feet’s clean and devoid of dead skin.

Keep your feet moisturized:

feet moisturizedKeeping your feet moisturize is very important. Always moisturize your feet after washing them. Specially before going to bed moisturize your feet to keep them soft. For this use any good moisturizer, you can also use almond oil or olive oil as they are natural moisturizers.

Foot therapy:

Foot therapyFoot therapy is the best way that help in keeping your foot relaxed. For this there is plenty of foot scrub, foot soaks and healing creams are available in the market that are going to help you in restoring the smoothness of your feet. You can pour some foot soak into warm water and then dip your feet in it for at least 10-15 minutes. You can also use foot scrub or any oil that is helpful in keeping your foot moisturized and smooth.

Foot care products:

Foot careApplying foot care cream is also helps in keeping your feet moisturized and nourish as well as to prevent infections. Use a foot care product which contains some natural ingredient like, honey or turmeric and apply it twice a day.

Right foot wear:

foot wearChoosing a right foot wear for this season is essential. Because to keep your feet dry is very important. If you wear sneakers or any other heals the water will gather inside your shoes for a long time and this may causes the fungal infection. So to avoid such issues you should wear flip flops or sandals during this period of time. Because by wearing it your foot will dry soon and you can avoid many foot diseases.

Keep your toenails short:

toenails shortThe smart thing one can do during monsoon is to keep their toenails short. Because when you have short nails you can prevent dust and dirt from getting collected under your nails, which may causes fungal infection.

Stay dry:

Stay dry FeetKeeping your foot dry is very important. Because if your foot stay wet for long time, it may causes the fungal infection. Which is not good for your feet. So wipe your feet thoroughly, especially between your toes.

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